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10 Amazing pets that made news in 2011

November 28, 2011

There were times this year when pets came up with some truly exemplary feats. Well, these feats included some extremely insignificant deeds or something like a life saving act. While it’s needless to say that pet animals are extremely lovable creatures which can alter moods of their owners, the year of 2011, however, surely belonged to pets who managed to be in the headlines of the tabloids. Following is a list of amazing pets who made news in 2011:

1. Toy Poodle rescues man inside a smoke filled home

Toy Poodle

A toy poodle in Utah has caught fame post his life saving attempt where he helped firefighters to rescue a man inside a smoke filled home. This dog named Ted was earlier spotted by the paramedics responding to a fire, in reality Ted was trying ti draw attention of the fire fighters to rescue the 19 year old man sleeping in the basement of the house. This tiny poodle is in news since then.

2. Cow on lam becomes German tabloid star

Cow on the Lam Becomes Tabloid Star

Amazingly a cow on lam has become a German tabloid star. This savvy looking cow has manage to stay underground since her 24 May 2011 through an electric fence, many search parties and rescue teams have been searching for her day and night. This beautiful cow named Bovine Yvonne has managed to create a furore in Germany, people have initiated search and rescue mission for her, besides an award of $14,000 has been announced for whosoever manages to capture her. She has often been spotted but all attempts to capture her have been futile.

3. Dog eats $10,000 worth of diamonds

Dog eats $10,000 worth of diamonds

People would find it hard to digest that a little pooch had a mighty feast of $10,000 worth of diamonds. This Georgian dog named Honey Bun was known to forge good relations with the customers at the John Ross Jewelry store. The owner of the shop had left four packs of loose diamonds, pens and dog treats on his desk while he was busy attending customers at the shop. When the owner returned at his desk he noticed a missing pack of diamonds. Honey Bun was taken for an X-ray where it was found out that the dog had eaten up one pack of the diamonds.

4. Disabled dogs visit rehab patients

Disabled dogs visit rehab patients

Chili and Arlo, two beautiful dogs have become the center off attraction. These two are known to cruise around in their wheelchair and are inspiration to the patients at the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas. These dogs inspire people new to wheelchairs to stay motivated and feel better. These two dogs are all the more special because they are the only dogs with disability among the 90 trained therapy dogs. These dogs act like volunteers who pay weekly visits to patients suffering from stroke or traumatic injuries. Chili had suffered back injuries when she was just 8 weeks old, she is unable to use her back legs because of the incident. As far as Arlo is concerned, this little dachshund is know to suffer from degenerative disc disease. This disease has made him paralyzed from mid back region. Both these dogs were rescued by Jim and Bettye Baker who are the founders of Oak Hill Animal Rescue.

5. Oldest living ‘Janus’ cat

oldest living 'Janus' cat

Louie and Frank, a gray cat which has two mouths, three eyes and two noses turned 12 years old this year. He is known to be the oldest living cat with two faces till date. The Guinness World Records feature this cat as the “longest surviving Janus cat .” The name “Janus” was coined by Dr. Karl Shukera a British zoologist . Louie and Frank suffer from a rare congenital condition known as diprosopia which can cause a part or whole of face to duplicate on the head.

6. Biggest Loser of cats now weighs 29

Biggest Loser’ of cats now weighs 29

Otto is a cutest and the fattest cat that you would have ever seen. Often referred to as a pillow pet Otto has a huge belly. Doctors of new Jersey animal hospital spotted him in need of quick help. Because of his huge weight he was unable to move much. Otto weighed about 35.8 pounds when he was brought in for help, evenually he managed to loose 6 pounds and it now weighs 29 pounds. Otto is now a much healthy and active cat. He has created a furore in the media by being the biggest loser cat.

7. Montana dog displays exemplary math skills

Montana dog math skills

Labrador Retrievers are well known for their exemplary hunting skills and extremely friendly dispositions. Beau named black Labrador living in Montana has been gaining acclaim for his math abilities. He answers mathematical queries by answering his owner with a ‘woof-woof’ sound. He is well recognized for his counting skills, his skills do not end with counting alone Beau manages to add and subtract effortlessly. He has also managed to do a little bit of division and has memorized a few square roots. This smart dog is surely one with great intelligence.

8. Arthritic Labrador ‘up and running’ after stem cell treatment

Arthritic Labrador ‘up and running’ after stem cell treatment

A 12 year old Labrador Retriever named Misty has been in news after under going stem cells treatment. She had been suffering from immense pain due to arthritis. Misty was taken to Essex Animal Hospital in Windsor by his owner. The dog was unable to climb stairs and was in utter pain, this prompted her owner to take medical help. Misty was a new dog in a month’s time, the stem cell treatment cost $2,000. Now Misty is totally up and running.

9. Dog mourns at casket of Fallen Navy SEAL

Dog Mourns at Casket of Fallen Navy SEAL

You might heard many cases of human-dog bonding but this one is beyond life and death. The Hawkeye named Labrador retriever is known to lay by the coffin after the sad demise of his owner Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson. Hawkeye refused to budge from the spot and accompanied his master till the end. The sight of this eternal love left the 1500 mourners present in utter shock.

10. Labrador mix gets airlift out of California forest

Labrador mix gets airlift out of California forest

Ever heard of a pet fiasco, this one will surely leave you awe struck. The incident in which a Labrador named Baxter was airlifted out of California forest. The dog got physically worked up after a five mile hike on the rough mountain terrain. His owners decided to camp over night seeing the condition of the poor dog, eventually when the news of there not returning reached the Sheriff a quick search and rescue team was deployed. The team of rescuers got injured during the mission and it became difficult for them to rescue the ailing dog. Ultimately Baxer was secured in the litter by a helicopter.

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