10 Essential fish supplies

September 28, 2011

Keeping fish as a pet and an aquarium is a very rewarding and satisfying experience. Fishes are different from all other pets as they are aquatic animals. People think that fishes do not require that much care as other pets require. But this is a myth. We need to create an environment for the fish which is suitable and according to their water habitat. In order to be able to care for your fish pet it is necessary that you know the aquarium equipments very well. This will enable you to be successful with the fishes. With proper planning and fish supplies keeping fishes become quite easy. Size of the fish tank is an issue which needs to be kept in mind during the planning of the aquarium. A large tank provides a more stable and secure aquatic environment to the fish. Then there are few fish supplies which are necessary for keeping and maintaining your aquarium. These are aquarium, filter to clean the water, a pump, and lighting device to light the aquarium tank, food for the fish, aquarium kit, filtration media and thermometer to keep checking the temperature of the water of the aquarium. So you will have to buy fish supplies for your fish aquarium. There are several of fish supplies available and marketed extensively in the market now days. Newspapers, classified and internet is full of these advertisement.

This shopping guide will focus on 10 most important fish supplies which will help you in creating a good aquatic habitat for your fish. The guide also focuses on the price, USPs and pros of every supply so that you are able to choose the supplies for your aquarium and fishes judiciously.

1. AquaticLife Six Lamp T5 HO Light Fixture

Price: $469.99

AquaticLife Six Lamp T5 HO Light Fixture

Description: Lighting of the aquarium is one of the most important components of the aquarium which is usually overlooked .AquaticLife has launched a dedicated light fixture for aquariums known as T5 HO . This stunning and impressive T5 HO Light Fixture with 6 lamps keeps those fishes happy who love being in the light. The bulbs installed in the Light Fixture are energy efficient. The lamps are placed at the center and they do not utilize lot of energy and do not produce a lot of heat. The reflectors used in the Light Fixture are made in Germany and they illuminate the aquarium brilliantly. AquaticLife Six Lamp T5 HO Light Fixture has only 1 power chord thus reducing the mess created by many chords. It comes equipped with internal exhaust fans to remove excess heat.


1. Aquariums needing high light are extremely benefited by T5 HO fixture.

2. It has a timer which is built in the fixture. So the aquarium can be lighted 24 hours


1. Bulbs are energy efficient, so the electricity bill is reduced

2. It has 6 bulbs for good lighting

3. Has exhaust fans and so it is kept cool.

2. EcoTech Marine VorTech EcoSmart Propeller Pumps

Price: $220.99

EcoTech Marine VorTech EcoSmart Propeller Pumps

Description: Ecotech Marine Experience is used to create water movements. This propeller pump creates currents similar to those in the ocean. The pump has a sleek design and its controls are very easy to use. The VorTech pumps come with an EcoSmart driver. This driver can operate as master or slave. Wireless signals are sent from the master pump to the slave pump. In one aquarium you can have maximum 6 master pumps and countless number of slave pumps.


1. It has exceptionally controllable pump.

2. The pump creates currents similar to those in the ocean.

3. It has got the award for wave maker/power head.


1. It creates currents similar to those in the ocean.

2. The pump has a sleek design

3. Its controls are very easy to use.

3. Coralife Pure-Flo II RO Units

Price: $132.99

Coralife Pure-Flo II RO Units

Description: Coralife Pure-Flo II RO Units makes water pure for aquarium use. It is capable of removing about 98 to 99% impurities which are there in the tap water. It is also effective in removing impurities from non-chlorinated and chlorinated water. The RO employs reverse osmosis in 3 stages. Stage 1 is Sediment Pre-Filter Cartridge. This is done to remove fine substance. Stage 2 is Carbon Block Cartridge. This removes the chlorine. Stage 3 is Thin Film Composite. This removes the heavy metals, toxins and other impurities.


1. The RO removes impurities in 3 stages

2. It is capable of removing about 98 to 99% impurities


1. It is very easy to install as it is plug and play.

2. Gives water with 0 TDS.

3. It reduces water bill.

4. Fluval Studio Aquarium Kit

Price: $619.99

Fluval Studio Aquarium Kit

Description: If your want a sophisticated, aesthetic and clutter free aquarium go for Fluval Streamline aquarium. This aquarium has been designed keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of. It employs the latest technologies to maintain the aquarium. It is made of aluminum design. The top is made of a sliding glass. This reduced evaporation and gives a classy look to the aquarium. This aquarium is the center of attraction of the home.


1. The aquarium kit is so simple that it leads to creation of a remarkable aquarium.

2. The design is stylish and it keeps the aquarium free of clutter.

3. The latest technologies employed, makes the aquarium reliable.

4. It comes equipped with GLO Double T5 HO Linear Fluorescent Fixture. This fixture illuminates the aquarium brightly.

5. It has the Fluval M Heater. This is a heater but is very well designed.

6. The aquarium has unique mirrors. These mirrors reflect the colors.

7. It also has a thermostat


1. It is simple to install.

2. The aquarium is very sophisticated and stylish.

3. The aquarium remains clutter free.

4. The light bulbs make it very bright.

5. Marineland and Diamond Chemical Filtration Media

Price: $6.79

Marinel and Diamond Chemical Filtration Media

Description: It is very necessary to maintain the water clarity and quality of the aquarium tank water. Marineland and Diamond Chemical Filtration Media improve these. These chemicals enhance the filtration of the aquarium water and help the tropical fish to be healthy. This media is composed of 3 Medias. Black Diamond Activated Carbon- which removes discoloration, harmful organic material and bad odor. White Diamond Ammonia Neutralizer – it keeps the fish safe by removing ammonia from the water.


1. Can be used for removing discoloration, organic waste from both saltwater aquariums as well as fresh aquariums.

2. In comparison to other activated carbon it is three times more effective.

3. It does not contain phosphate.


1. Is easy to use.

2. Keeps the water clean.

6. Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Power filters

Price: $29.77

Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Power filters

Description: Perfect habitat for a fish is a clean aquarium. Clean aquarium enables the fishes to live long. Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Power filters have 3 filtration styles and are flexible. Every wheel of it cleans the water in 3 stages – the mechanical stage, the chemical stage and the biological stage. These 3 stages remove the toxins, impurities and debris. There is an intake system which takes in water simultaneously from the middle as well as the lower level of the aquarium. This improves the filtration. For safety the motor is moisture proof and Epoxy-sealed. The improved filtration leads to good circulation if water in the tank and thus keeps temperature regulated. The toxins do not accumulate at one place.


1. The filters give 3 types of filtration.

2. The cartridges are easy to change.

3. There is dual intake of water and this improves the quality of the water.


1. These filters are very powerful.

2. They are durable and work for years.

3. Work quietly.

4. Maintenance is easy.

7. TetraMin Tropical Flakes

Price : $3.89

TetraMin Tropical Flakes

Description: Fishes need to be provided balanced diet so that the fishes remain healthy. Their diet should be such which is absorbed by the body and there is minimum waste product. TetraMin Tropical Flakes fish food manufactured by TetraNewly. These are very nutritious and are scientifically prepared. The food constitute of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. When this food is used fishes digest them more thus reducing the waste product. TetraMin Tropical flakes give balanced diet to the fish and keeps them healthy. These are very easy to digest. It consists of “ProCare”. ProCare is a diet which enhances health. It is patented and consists of biotin supplement and Omega-3 fatty acids. This formula improves the metabolism of the fish. This food should be given 2 -3 times a day. Give that much food only which your fish can consume. TetraMin is considered the favorite fish food for tropical fishes throughout the world due to its ingredients, good quality and good results.


1. Is made of new and enhanced formula which leads to cleaner aquarium

2. Made of the ProCare formula this is patented.

3. Improves the immune system of the fish. This improves the health of the fish and the fishes live longer.

4. The ingredients are highly nutritious. The formula used is scientifically prepared.

5. Easily Digested.

6. Improves the color of the fish.


1. Good quality food for the fish.

2. It is made of the ProCare formula which is patented.

3. Improves the immune system of the fish.

4. Highly nutritious.

5. It is easily digested by the fishes.

6. It is tasty and fish likes it.

8. Aqueon Pro Heater

Price: $27.99

Aqueon ProHeater

Description: Aquarium heater is a necessary part of fish supplies. The reason is that tropical fishes need the aquarium to be warm. This is because they cannot survive in the cold water. Aqueon Pro Heater is a heater which enables you to keep the temperature of the aquarium controlled as per the temperament of the fish in it. It comes with a monitor which keeps indicating the temperature of the tank. It turns red when the temperature goes above or below the temperature set, ensures safe, easy and precise temperature control of your aquarium.

Aqueon Pro Heater has a very useful safety system. When the heater is kept out of the water it shuts off itself. As soon as it is kept in the water it restarts on its own. It is not made of glass but made of plastic which cannot be shattered. The heat inside it is distributed by an aluminum core. So it can be placed inside the aquarium. It is apt for marine aquariums as well as freshwater aquariums.


1. Is made of plastic which is shatter proof.

2. Can be fully submerged in water.

3. Can shut down itself when outside of water and can restart it when submerged in water.


1. Comes with an indicator monitor.

2. Is convenient to use.

9. Whisper Air Pumps

Price: $6.29

Whisper Air Pumps

Description: Whisper Air Pump is made by Tetra Patented. It is a sound reducing chamber in the shape of a dome. It gives the aquarium a virtual silence. It has rubber feet and hovering pump motor which eradicates vibrations. The motor noise is insulated by thick walls


1. The air pump design makes the aquarium operations silent.


1. Are durable and work effectively even when they get old.

2. Give a total silence experience and are powerful.

3. Affordable price.

10. Fusion Smart Temp Weighted Standing Aquarium Thermometer

Price: $2.99

Fusion Smart Temp Weighted Standing Aquarium Thermometer

Description: Temperature is one of the most important factors in the life of a fish. Fishes tend to be very sensitive to temperature changes. Fusion Smart Temp Weighted Standing Aquarium Thermometer does not floats in the aquarium thus removes the irritation of floating thermometers. This thermostat is weighted and stays facing upwards. It has fins (a unique concept). These fins keep it fixed in the gravel and thus upright. There is a green zone marked on the thermostat. By looking at the thermostat if it is in the green zone ten the temperature is normal.


1. It has a unique feature of fins which keeps it fixed in the gravel of the aquarium

2. The adequate aquarium temperature is denoted clearly by the “Green Zone”


1. Is easy to use.

2. Does not float.

3. Has a green zone which mentions the appropriate temperature.

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