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10 Gift ideas for pet lovers

November 21, 2011

Gift Ideas

While choosing a gift for a person may seem tough, always stick to the purpose of gifting which is to make the receiver of the gift happy. If you find yourself in the middle of a confusion among varieties of gift items, just think of what the person is fond of or is close to. For pet lovers, anything related to animals or their pets can serve as great gifts since they are pretty attached to their pets. Some gift ideas for pet lovers is presented here for you to choose from:

1. Animal fine art prints

Animal fine art

An animal or pet lover would appreciate any form of reproduction of animal image. Therefore, a beautiful animal fine art print would be a great gift idea for someone with similar passion. You can choose from a range of animal fine art prints and canvasses (whether in form of real animal’s photographic print or otherwise) that are available with many art collectors, art library or dealers of such art prints.

2. Crystal animal statues

Crystal Animal

Statues and showpieces made of crystal not only look very elegant but are also very appreciated and popular gift items. So, why not gift a pet lover a miniature statue of his/her favorite pet in crystal? You can avail a range of crystal animal statues in various colors, forms and postures that impart great craftsmanship and style.

3. Stone animal sculpture

Stone animal sculpture

Stone animal sculptures are stylish gift options not only for pet lovers but for any person with a good sense of art or decoration. These statues carved out of marbles or a varieties of other stones look very classy and suit any form of interior decor helping the home to get a sophisticated and fashionable look.

4. Animal posters

Animal Posters

What if you (an animal lover) open his gift and find the image of a cute, little puppy or a naughty, playful kitten looking up to you? It would surely bring a smile on your face instantly. So why not give the same happiness to a pet lover by gifting him a poster of his favorite animal? You would find many interesting and unique animal posters in different websites and gift stores to buy this wonderful gift for a pet lover from.

5. Dog toys, puppy cages

Dog Toys

If your friend has an adorable pet dog that he loves irrationally, then you can gift your friend things that would accompany his pet friend and entertain the fluffy one. Dog toys come in various sizes, shapes and materials. These toys can be used during bathing the dog or during playtime. An alternative gift can be a puppy cage that would help your pet lover friend to carry his pet with him. These cages come in different sizes and shapes so that they fit in the house or in a car.

6. Pet clothes

Pet Clothes

To make the cute, adorable pets look cuter and more adorable, gift a pet owner clothes for his pet. You will get varieties options for pet apparels both in online and offline stores. These stores are usually specialized in pet clothes and would give you a range of choices in terms of material, colors, sizes and designs that you can choose from.

7. Animal print car accessories

Animal Print Car Accessories

Animal print car accessories are great gift options for people who not only love their pets (or animals) but are also very passionate about their cars. Among the various prints available, leopard prints and zebra prints look interesting and are also very popular with people with a taste in similar designs. But always try to gift a faux animal print car accessory so that you or your friend do not feel guilty of encouraging the poaching industry indirectly.

8. Dog collars & leashes

Dog Collars and Leashes

Dog collars and leashes are great, fashionable accessories for pets and pet owners love to invest in collars and leashes of various kinds in a range of designs and materials. Therefore, gifting a pet lover a decorative dog collar or a leash will surely be considered by the receiver as one of the best gifts that he has received ever.

9. Grooming supplies for pet lovers

Grooming Supplies

Any true pet lover loves to pamper his pet and take proper care of the animal. Thus, grooming supplies for the pet would be an appreciated gift for any pet owner. Pet supplies include brush, soap, combs and a number of other products and equipments that help to keep a pet clean and healthy.

10. Dog beds

Dog Beds

A pet lover, who treats his dog as his friend and family member, would love to see you gift him a chic bed for his dog to rest in. A number of specialized shops make and sell dog beds of numerous and interesting designs, forms and colors while keeping the material in mind so as to provide complete comfort to the fluffy creatures.

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