10 Best saltwater fish for beginners

September 23, 2011

Saltwater aquaria are very popular amongst many hobbyists who are drawn towards marine life. However , if you are just about tp start a saltwater tank, then you need to realize that you are up to a challenging task. It is advisable to populate your aquarium with some easy fish that look pleasing to the eye. There are many fish who cannot stay together and others who peacefully co-exist. What’s more, certain fish take up a lot of space and food leaving the other fish in the tank lean and weak. Certain attributes should be kept in mind while selecting saltwater fish such as compatibility, constitution, feeding requirements and price of the beginner fish. Here is a list of good beginner fish that can adorn your salt water aquarium:

1. Damselfish: These fish are great as starter fish since they are small, affordable and sturdy. In addition to this they are a treat to watch with their bright stripes and eye-catching electric blue colors. They are affordably priced at a price range from $3.99 to $ 18.99.

2. Crabs: These are one of the ideal choice for initial saltwater tanks. You can choose from a variety of crabs such as arrow crabs, porcelain crabs and hermit crabs. They cost anything from $0.99 to $ 23.99.

3. Shrimp: These are easy to maintain and can withstand the variation in temperatures quite admirably. But you need to keep a watch on the copper and nitrate levels in the water. They have an interesting behavior and react strongly with their inmates. They cost $4.99 to $39.99.

4. Clown fish: These fish come from the damselfish family and so exhibit similar characteristics and habitat. They differ from damselfish in that they can be hostile towards the other fish in the aquarium. The tomato clownfish is particularly aggressive. Price range is $7.99 to $34.99.

5. Bennies: Bennies are very loveable and active breed that eat almost anything that is put in the tank. They love hiding in corners and search for places to hide. You may have to create some artificial hiding places if you want bennies in your aquarium. Their price range is $10.99 to $32.99.

6. Gobies: These fish are very tiny occupying just 3 inches o space and are ideal as beginner fish. Price range is $6.99 to $20.99.

7. Wrasses: These are beautiful fish are a treat to watch with their stunning sherbet coloration and make the aquarium look all attractive. They are quite large and prefer live food and survive better in fish-only tanks. Price is $10.99 to $119.99

8. Surgeonfish: They are so named because of their sharp spines at the base of their tail resembling a surgeon’s scalpel. They come in vivid and bright colors and live for 2-3 years. They prefer marine algae and vegetable foods.

9. Basselets: These are spectacular fish which are 3-6inches long and come in breathtaking colors of red, orange , purple and yellow. They need a lot of space and thrive well on live food.

10. Triggerfish: These fish have a unique characteristic by which they can lock their dorsal fin to a hiding place and so cannot be pulled out. They love live food and have sharp pointed teeth that can devour sea urchins in a jiffy. Their life span is 2-4 years.


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