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10 Signs of pet cancer

November 13, 2011

Persian pet cat

Not many people are aware that cancer, as a condition, is not confined to humans only. It can affect even your pets. The truth is that cancer is the main cause of death of dogs and cats. However, there are some signs which will tell you that your pet is afflicted with cancer. These signs may not confirm a cancer but a visit to the vet is absolutely necessary. The earlier the cancer is detected the better. The 10 crucial signs are:

1. Lumps and bumps

There can be lumps under the skin of your dog or cat. Having said that I must confess that not all bumps are cancerous but there is no way of knowing it until you see a vet. If the lump is not going down easily or if it is steadily growing in size then you must consult the vet immediately. The vet pathologist will do a needle biopsy can will tell you whether the cells are cancerous or not.

2. Abnormal odors

If there is any offensive odor from the mouth of the dog or cat or any other part of the body then you must check it out with the vet. Cancers of the mouth, nose and anal regions are known to cause bad odors.

3. Abnormal discharges

If any abnormal substance is being discharged from any part of the pet’s body like blood, pus or vomit then you must get the pet checked up by a vet. If the abdomen of the dog or the cat is bloated the it is a clear sign of accumulation of abnormal discharge from the body.

4. Non-healing wounds

Your pet may have some wounds which re not healing fast enough. Such wounds may be a symptom of skin diseases or skin cancers.

5. Weight loss

cancer is one of those diseases that can cause a sudden loss of weight in your pet. If the pet is not on a diet but is still losing a lot of weight then don’t forget to mention this to the vet.

6. Change in appetite

Dogs and cats will not stop eating until and unless there is a genuine problem. A lack of appetite does not signify a cancer but you can still discus this with your vet. Te dog may have difficulty in swallowing due to an oral tumor.

7. Difficulty in breathing

The cause of abnormal breathing can be attributed to cancer, heart disease or even lung disease. The cancer affect the lungs and hence these symptoms

8. Depression

If your pet is sleeping more or playing less then it can be a sure sign of cancer. Depression alone is not a sign of cancer but all these signs together can definitely indicate cancer.

9. Bathroom habits

The pet may experience changes in bowel movements or urinary habits. There can be blood in urine or stool and may even use the bathroom more frequently than before. These are signs of cancer.

10. Evidence of pain

If the pet is experiencing pain while running or walking then this can be due to arthritic pain or joint diseases. But the occurrence of cancer cannot be ruled out.

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