10 Solutions to help you manage your cat’s litter

November 18, 2011

Manage cat's litter

Cats are the most closest friends of human beings. The friendly nature and easy to get tamed attitude of cats often make them the most favorite pets of humans all over the world. Since they can be tamed easily, so training cats to use litter box is also quite easy if you have the patience and the interest to teach your loving feline the same. The most interesting thing to know about cats is that they love to groom themselves and statistics show that cats spend as much as 30 percent of their lives in grooming themselves. But even the most groomed of the cats cannot clean its litter on its own. Hence, the task is left at the discretion of the owners. Owners, in their turn, find the whole job messy too and feel like yukking no matter how loving their feline friends are to them. Here are ten solutions that will help you manage your cat’s litter.

1. The fabric sweeper from Pledge

At times, cat commit nuisance in places they consider are hidden from the public. Thus, they might find it extremely convenient to poo or pee at the corner of your bed spread or at the corner of the sofa cushion or at the back of your bedside pillow. All these might make you mad with rage as you can hardly find any solution to clean up the mess since whatever you do will tend to smudge the mess further. Thus, Pledge has brought the fabric sweeper that is as effective against the cat litter as it is against cat hair. The stiff fiber of the sweeper gently lifts the nuisance without blotching it.

2. Broom from Bissel

If you find that the cat litter is at the corner of your room or the floor area of your living room, you can find a broom in great aid to remove it. But, this broom from Bissel is far better in comparison to conventional dusting brooms as its bristles collect all the litter, including the fine cat furs from the floor and you can pile all of them up at the corner of your room to remove them at your convenience.

3. Electronic odor grabber from Bionaire

Although litter boxes trainings are neat ways to prevent your cat from committing nuisances in places you would hardly tolerate, cleaning litter boxes that are filled with poops are definitely challenging for you. Thus, the specialized litter box from Bionaire, named Odor Grabber Litter box helps in controlling the unwanted smell of litter.

4. Vacuum cleaner from Rumba

You will be saved from cleaning your cat’s litter involving your hands directly if you get hold of the Vacuum Cleaning Robot from Rumba. This is a specialized pet series vacuum cleaner, designed specially keeping in mind the requirements of your pet and you and has two cleaning tubs for hygienic cleaning.

5. Litter scooper from Booda

After your cat has its regular bowel jobs done in the litter box, you need to clean off the litter immediately, thereby staining and leaving behind the litter box fillers. Your job will now be easier and quicker with the litter scooper from Booda which has in built, vertically slitted panels that stain out clumpy litters while the litter fillers fall freely back into the box from the slits.

6. Stain and odor remover from PAWS

There might be times when your loving can accidentally vomit, urinate or excrete on your expensive carpet. As such cleaning carpets are always cumbersome jobs and that will get further multiplied if its your cat’s litter on a carpet. Even after cleaning the mess, the stain remains. All you need to do is to spray PAWS liberally all over the spot. Leave it on for five minutes and put a blotting paper over it for next thirty second. All the stains and odor will vanish.

7. Urine odor remover from Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate

Accidental peeing on your bedsheets and carpets by your cat must be washed immediately with detergent solution. But the pungent odor might just not get removed at all. Especially areas like floor, foot dusters, where regular washing is difficult, the problem is maximum. Buy a bottle of Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate and smear the solution over the area. Leave it on for five minutes and then blot it with a blotting paper. All the urine and the odor will vanish.

8. Odor removal with white vinegar

Even after cleaning the vomit, urine and feces of our cat from your car, the unsatisfactory odor will keep on circulating throughout your cat. A great solution for it is to keep a pan filled with white vinegar open inside the closed and glassed car overnight. All the odor will get removed the next day.

9. Odor removing cat litter from Easy Clean

Investing in a product that will give you cat the much needed ambiance for pooping and peeing and at the same time control the unwanted odor in a hygienic way is a great idea. Thus, Easy Clean has brought a corn based, 100 percent natural cat litter filler that has high absorbancy, fights odor and is also flushable.

10. Waste disposal instruments from ORE Pet

This litter removing instrument is made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The paw shaped scooper has vertical slits that stain out the tiniest of clumpy litter, thus ensuring the most tidy clean up. This lead free product is also hygienic for your cat.

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