World’s 20 most beautiful cat breeds

November 23, 2011

Cat breeds

After dogs, cats are the most common animals that are domesticated by human beings. Their friendly nature and cuddly looks make them top favorite friends of human beings. They are easy to tame and train and do not involve much hassle in trying to make them adaptable to a particular ambiance. While there are some unusual breeds of cats, which are results of genetic mutation or deliberate genetic experiments of the microbiologists, some cat breeds are there which are extremely beautiful. These cats can be further divided into long haired ones and short haired ones. Have a look at twenty most beautiful cat breeds of the world:

1. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

This breed features a top coat of glossy, long furs that are water repellent and wooly undercoat which is thicker at the legs, that prevents it from getting cold attacks in the forests of Norway. The physical features of this cat breed include a big body, long legs and a bushy tail. The strong nails are well adapted for climbing trees. It has almond shaped eyes and the color of iris varies. This breed is seemingly shy and can be bred at home with dogs. It survives for fourteen to sixteen years and is mostly affected by heart and kidney diseases

2. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

This is a variety of cats that originated in the central Turkey region and is a breed of the domestic cat. These cats have a fine bone structure with no undercoat. The coat is medium long with a silky, plumed tail. Although majority of the cats under this group are white, but some with blue, black and reddish furs are also found. They have massive head and pointed ears. The Odd eyed varieties, having one blue eye and one amber eye and white fur, are often deaf on the side of the blue eye. These cats sometimes suffer from certain genetic illnesses.

3. European Short hair

European Shorthair

This breed belongs to the short haired variety. It originated in Sweden and the cats in this category have mixed temperaments. While some are affectionate, others love running after wild mouse. As a whole they are healthy, playful and friendly and get along well with other cats and even dogs. They are medium sized with muscular built, average sized, strong legs and tail that are bushy at the base and get tapered at the tips.

4. Persian cat

Persian cat

This breed is characterized by dense, long furs that can be clipped according to the owner’s choice when they are domesticated. There long furs necessitate regular care, bathing and grooming. Their eyes often have build ups that need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection.

5. Russian Blue

Russian Blue

This breed of cats has a silver blue coat. They are highly intelligent, playful and friendly but tend to become timid when in presence of a stranger. Their body structure is lean and elongated with double coat; the undercoat is soft, downy and similar in length to the outer layer of protective fur that is bluer in comparison, with silver tips. Their tails are dull in color with hardly noticeable stripes. On an average, they live for ten to fifteen years and are prone to allergies and illness.

6. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

This breed of cats, which is a breed of domestic cat, is characterized by excellent hunting skills, gentle nature and distinctive physical appearance. This is the official State Cat of Maine in North America. They have a large bones, rectangular body and long haired coat. Coloration of fur varies and the density of undercoat that gets thicker as winter approaches. They require minimal grooming.

7. Ocicat


This breed resembles a wild cat but behaviorally it is not at all savage. This is a breed of Siamese and Abyssinian. Their temperament is comparable to that of the high spirited dogs. They are faithful, sociable and easy to train. There are as many as twelve recognized coloration of cats under this breed; Tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, silver, etc. They are large with oval paws and muscular body.

8. Singapura cat

Singapura cat

This is an excellent breed of cat that is marked by its small size, huge eyes and ears, brown coat and blunt tail. They do not have any distinct coloration. They have lean and stout body and are easily tamed. Thus, they find themselves as excellent pets.

9. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

These cats have an unusual, rabbit-like, bobbed tail and legs that are more adapted for climbing trees than running. It is a result of body type mutation. They have different coloration with large, upright ears, oval shaped, large eyes and medium sized body with lean structure and silky smooth coat. There are odd eyed cats too in this category.

10. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

This breed is marked by folded and forward bent ears. They have an owl-like appearance and medium sized body. They have round head and face with large, round eyes with short, blunt nose. They are good natured, extremely adorable and playful and adjustable with all household animals. They survive for about fifteen years and are susceptible to polycystic kidney and cardiac diseases.

11. American Curl

American Curl

This breed of cats has ears that are curled backwards. Thus, rough handling makes their ears cartilage prone to damages. This breed is strong, healthy and medium sized and a pet quality American curl may have almost erect ears while show qualities must have arches. They have soft, silky coats that require regular grooming.

12. Sokoke Cat

Sokoke Cat

This breed of cats is found in Kenya and can be domesticated easily. But mostly they are free roaming street cats. They have tabby coats with blotches on them and the color of which vary from different shades of brown. They are peace loving and well adaptive in controlled environment. But they are weak against many cat diseases, with a life expectancy of about fifteen years.

13. Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat

This breed is a long haired variety that bears resemblance to the Persian cat. They are characterized by blue eyes, round body and short legs that obstruct them from jumping as high as other cats. There are two types of Himalayan cats; Traditional or Doll Face and Peke or Ultra-face. The former variety has a seal point face while the latter variety has a squashed face. These cats are sweet natured and sociable.

14. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

These are small to medium sized cats with short hairs, native to Egypt. They are marked by distinctive spots on their coats as well as skin. They have long hind legs and skin flap that extend from the flank to the back knee. They can run at a speed of 36 mph. They are faithful and friendly with slightly dog like traits.

15. Asian Cat

Asian Cat

This breed, which is also called the Malayan cat, is a breed similar to the Burmese cat with only difference in the color and pattern of their coats. They have medium sized, lean and muscular body and straight leg and tails. They have round head with a very visible spot in profile. Their wide set eyes are yellow in color. They are cuddly and affectionate and love to explore the house.

16. Turkish Van

Turkish Van

This cat is a remarkable swimming cat and is a native of Lake Van area of Turkey. This breed is marked by its excellent coat, which is semi long haired and water resistant. This fur thickens in winters and in summers becomes very soft, alike cashmere, shedding off the long hairs. The tail remains intact with long furs throughout the year. They love to be connected with human beings.

17. Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe Cat

This is a rare breed of cats from United States that enjoys water and may also love to swim at times. They are sweet tempered and love to be in association with human beings, especially children. They are so intelligent that they can be taught to show tricks and open doors. They have light body colors with darker face, legs, ears and tails.

18. Somali Cat

Somali Cat

A native breed of Australia, these cats has long hairs, puffy tails and fluffy, ticked coat that has earned them a name, ‘fox cat’. Some of the varieties might also show tabby stripes on their coat and dark rim around their eyes. Dental problem is a congenital problem in this breed.

19. Munchkin Cat

Munchkin Cat

A genetically mutated variety of cats, native to United States, munchkin is marked by its short legs. They are sweet natured and people oriented cats that can be domesticated effectively. They have a medium built with a level spine and a slightly raised structure from shoulder to the back.

20. Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat

This is the most oriental breed that is believed to have been originated from Thailand and spread to Europe and North America by 20th century. They have single coat with short hairs and wedge head and rounded cheeks. They have medium to large eyes and moderate sized ears. They are sociable, intelligent and affectionate and sometimes less active at nights as compared to other cats as they have blue eyes, which lack tapetum lucidum, which helps in night vision.

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