5 most exotic snakes to tame

April 19, 2012

Snakes as pets

It seems that speculations regarding snakes are the maximum. These slimy creatures are available in as many as 2900 species across the world. While some are highly vengeful and poisonous, there are others that are calm and non poisonous too. Thus, it is needless to say that some snakes do exist that can be tamed easily. Snakes that will make pets easily are characterized by docile attitude, together with easy to hold and easy to clean nature. So, here we bring a list of five such snakes that make great pets.

1. Corn Snake

Corn Snake

The snake that tops the list of pet creatures is the corn snake. You will love to tame it because it has a maximum growth of six feet in length, though most of these remain restricted to five feet only. Corn snake is docile and has a good temperament. So, you are at the least threat of getting bitten. The snake is easy to maintain and once a week handling is enough for it. It eats thawed and frozen mice and rats. This variety of snakes comes in variegated shades and subsequent names such as snow, candy cane, creamsicle, etc. The most rewarding thing about corn snake is that if you provide it with proper growing conditions, it survives for a really long span.

2. King snake

King snake

King snake is a common pet reptile and comes in different species and sub-species, bearing names like California king snake, Florida king snake, mountain king snake, grey-banded king snake, etc. King snake is the most preferred pet snake because it can be easily captivated and tamed. Its average lengthwise growth is four to six feet, which is ideal for a domestic ambiance. You will also find it eating well and demanding the least of maintenance. The variety of skin color and contour of king snakes, ranging from stripes to banded and to speckled, create much visual interest about them too.

3. Gopher snake

Gopher snake

This snake is considered having the best temperament among all the snakes that can be tamed easily. It is extremely predictable in nature and can be easily tamed. It eats well too and shows excellent feeding behavior. The maximum growth a gopher snake attains is six feet, which makes it a perfect pet snake. But some of these might grow a foot larger than that too, though it is very rare. Although the snake is not available in a wide plethora of colors like the king snake or the corn snake, its coat texture and color is definitely a visual splendor you cannot overlook.

4. Ball Python

Ball Python

This variety of snakes is best known for its aesthetic appeal, which features a bright combination of black and gorgeous yellow coat in general. Ball python is very good natured and does not bite at all. It grows to a maximum length of five and a half feet. Its average expectancy rate is 25 years and most of these attain that age if you ensure proper care. But the gravest drawback about this snake is that some of them are too finicky about their food. While a few of them find frozen rats and mice best, others may prefer fresh species only.

5. Garter snake

Garter snake

This variety is highly recommendable for a beginner snake keeper. The most important attribute that makes it a novice snake keeper’s favorite is that it is tolerant to various and frequent handling, which forms the basic part of training for a beginner. Other than this, it is smaller in size which makes it easy to handle for a beginner. You can be assured of its docile nature and temperament and can be confident that it will never bite. You will also treasure its aesthetic appeal.

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