5 trendy horse breeds

February 1, 2012

Horses are classified according to their breeds or types. Choosing a horse of a good breed is not an easy task and it is likely that most of us will be unable to find a good breed horse easily. Here is a description of the five most popular horses for you so that you can find it easy to choose a horse of best breed.


1. American Paint horse

Paint Horse

This top breed horse is perfect for cattle work and is used extensively by cowboys across the world. American Paint once used to roam in the Western Plains with herds of wild horses. These hard working horses are quite intelligent and bond well with humans. The distinctive color of these horses gives them a unique identity. The coat markings of the American Paint horse are divided into two classes – tobiano and overo. The horses with tobiano markings have white coat with dark markings and the overo horses have dark coat with light markings. These horses are strong enough to be used for different works, including ranch work, rodeo, and trail riding.

2. Arabian horse

Arabian Horse

These horses have a long and illustrious history. They are regarded by many as the finest horses roaming on the earth. The Arabian horses have a distinct identity due to their prominent eye and large nostrils. Arabian horses are not only intelligent but are affectionate too. These horses are used by humans since time immemorial for several activities because of their strength and sturdiness. The friendly nature of these horses also allows us to use these horses for therapeutic riding and instructional programs. It is believed that these horses were first domesticated in Middle East in 1500 B.C. and were brought to American colonies in 1725.

3. American Quarter horse

American Quarter Horse

These horses are renowned for adapting themselves as per the situation and requirements and that is the only reason why humans have managed to use them for occupations such as trail riding and for policing too. The temperament of these horses is very balanced, making them a perfect animal for new riders. These horses are the most popular breed with an estimated population of about 3.2 million. These horses are used in racing competitions and can be used for working in rodeo and on ranches. The head of these horses is small and short but the chest is broad. These horses are liked by many because of their stamina and agility.

4. American Saddlebred horse

American Saddlebred Horse

The American Saddlebred horses do not have a very old history because they evolved only during the 1800’s. Earlier, these horses were known as the Kentucky Saddler because they had evolved primarily in Kentucky because of selective breeding of four horses namely the Narragansett and Canadian Pacers, the Thoroughbred and the Morgan Horse. The result was a strong and muscular but an elegant horse. These horses were initially used to pull carriages but these days they are used as premiere showing horse where they are put on display with a full mane and tail. The Saddlebred possesses a unique ability to perform the slow gait and four-beat gait too. Standing around 16 hands, these horses can also be used for other activities including trail ride and in dressage competition. This intelligent horse is famous for its stamina and jumping ability.

5. American Standardbred horse

American Standardbred Horse

An English Thoroughbred named Messenger is responsible for the birth of the American Standardbred because this horse was based on Messenger. In 1788, Messenger was imported to the US and many mares were bred with this horse. The Messenger was also bred with several Morgans. Messenger never competed in many races and died in 1808 at the age of 28. His grandson Hambletorian, which also never raced, mated with several mares and Morgans, siring as much as 1,355 offsprings. Hambletorian’s son Dexter, however, managed to race and took just 2 minutes 17 seconds to cover one mile. Early Standardbreds needed to cover a distance of one mile in less than 3 minutes to find a place in the registry, but the Standardbreds of today can cover one mile in less than 1 minute and 55 seconds. The Standardbred is renowned for their unique lateral pacing gait, making them a perfect horse for harness racing. The height of the Standardbreds is about 15.2 to 15.9 hands.

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