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5 Weirdly famous dog breeds

October 28, 2011

Weirdly famous dog breeds

Dogs are always considered man’s best friend. Dogs may be loyal and friendly but their appearances are something to contend with. These breeds are the one that you may not confront in day-to-day life but if you do you will not be able to forget them easily. If you want a unique pet that is loyal and weirdly famous then one of these dogs may be just you were looking for.

1. Bedlington terrier

.Bedlington Terrier

It is one of the strange looking dogs’ breed. It has pear shaped head with almond-shaped eyes, sheep like curly fur and triangular ears. This breed often looks like a timid little sheep because of its coat which is trimmed in a lamb like cut. These dogs come in blue, liver and sandy tinge. In early days, this breed was used for fighting.

Bedlington terrier is known as a dog of decent nature and mild manners. It is amazingly smart and attentive and most reliable toward its owner. They are the best stress busters, great problem solvers and loyal family companions. Like most of the other dogs, if left alone with nothing to do they can become destructive so they need proper exercise and care. Bedlington terriers appear on the lists of dogs that shed less but proper grooming is required from time to time.

2. Affenpinscher


This sweet little pet is known or named as ‘Monkey Dog’ as it has a very mandrill like appearance as well as personality. It has a terrier body with shaggy fur and hair squashed in face giving it a unique monkey like look. Its hair are thicker and shaggier around the shoulder and chest than it is around the rear quarters, creating a look that bear a resemblance to that of a mane. Among them the most common and most wanted color is black but silver and gray, fawn, gray and tan, tan and beige are other possible colors. This breed was known to be created for working to remove rodents from kitchen, stables and granaries.

3. Puli


Puli are famous and known for its tight dreadlocks that make it look like a mop. It has deadlocks called as cords and they start to form when they are 9 month old. These deadlocks grow naturally and the owner needs to do lots of grooming so as to keep the cords neat and clean. They should be properly trimmed as the cords grow long enough to reach the ground. This breed of dog is very active and intelligent. Only thing every dog requires is attention but this demands more than others. Despite the reality that their coat looks heavy and cumbersome and so do they, these dogs are actually very agile and light.

4. Bergamasco

The Bergamasco are medium sized dogs with rustic appearance. They are born with smooth and short fur which slowly develops the features of mats as the pet grows. It is a solid dog with strong and powerful build. The most distinctive feature in this breed is the unusual felted coat. This is one of the normal and healthy characteristics of the breed. The coat of the breed is typified by three types of hairs. The hairs are in abundance and form flocks or mats. They start from the spine till the tail. They grow every year to reach the ground and so needs lots of grooming and care. The color of the coat can be anything from silver gray or steel gray to mixture of black with a tint of brown. These colors may have given out as a camouflage while working in the mountains.

5. Shar Pei

Shar Pei

Last on our list is this weird yet awesome looking pet. It is a Chinese breed. One of the distinctive features of this pet is deep wrinkles and blue black tongue. Among other features are the triangular ears and high seat tail. Western Shar Pei comes in various colors such as fawn, rose red, sand, cream and black and blue. It also comes in three different coat types: bear coat, horse and brush coat.

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