7 best dog homes

April 25, 2012

Dog House

Hanging onto your hats for dressing up your pet’s abode and ensuring unprecedented comfort simultaneously? Or simply worn out of searching for a beautifully adorned, spacious mansion for your adorable companion? If so, then here’s some little help for you. We have listed below the seven most amazing homes for your dog that not only gain extra brownie points for making them feel happy and comfortable but also for providing them with safety and protection (even when they are strolling outside a setting). Take a look, after all, dogs deserve a beautiful home too.

1. Dog house with a deck and pool

Dog House with a deck and pool

If you were searching for a perfect dog house, then the beautiful dog house with a deck and pool should be your halt. Designed intriguingly, the pet home showcases an appealing fusion of neat aesthetics and extreme comfort. So whether your dog loves strolling around or just prefers lounging down, this custom-built habitat will make your dog feel like a ‘proud’ owner any day. You will notice all the minimum details (including real materials) around the structure, whereas a wooden deck and an interesting bone shaped pool will simply enhance your pet’s living experience. The cost, however, rests under a hazy sky.

2. Modern dog house

Modern Dog House

Trimmed pretty exquisitely, the spacious Modern Dog House catches attention equally strongly, for whatever it endows. Inspired by Bauhaus Architecture, the cube shaped home not only shields your dog from outdoor changes, but also ensures an extremely relaxed spot to catch forty winks. The hand-built contemporary dog house also stands distinguished for its minimal yet stunning aesthetics. Depending upon your dog’s comfort level, you can pick the cubix habitat in three sizes, small, medium and large. Price? Well, it starts from only $5,800 to $6,300.

3. Duplex dog house

Duplex Dog House

You may also appreciate the duplex dog house, an intrinsic amalgamation of simple looks and thorough protection. Although the cost for the dwelling is somewhat hazy, but designers believe ‘Duplex’ could rather be the best affordable option to have. However speaking about the structure, the abode features sufficient space for two large dogs or one extra large dog. There will be a removable partition as well which helps accommodate one or two dogs.

4. Farm dog house

Farm Dog House

If you want a ‘fantasy looking’ home for your adorable companion, then Farm Dog House is something you should have a glimpse over. The eye-catchy, perkily doused house stands distinguished for completing your dog’s happy life. Since farm life makes pets feel at home, the creation by Hundehaus offers beautiful and traditional red outer walls – just like a pet dream house. As an owner, your dog will also be able to peep through paned glass windows and sleep peacefully under a shingled roof. While resting on a flannel bed inside, your dog will surely be able to look out at its pasture when not really counting sheep within.

5: Luxury caravan dog house

Luxury Caravan Dog House

We also liked Luxury Caravan Dog House which showcases a creative spin for your buddy to have fun with. Designed gorgeously by an Italian designer by the name of Marco Morosini, the abode has been dipped in elegant white hue for its cute outer frame. The inner segment, whereas, provides enough place for your dog to hang loose with ease. Indeed a brilliant example of craftsmanship and creativity.

6: Magis dog house

Magis Dog House

Yet again, if you are on a lookout for a dog home that looks peppy enough to keep your pet lively and full of spirit, then of course, Magis Dog House should help you. Enclosed in compact dimensions, the house incorporates two trendy stainless steel legs and boasts of its polyethylene indoor/outdoor construction. There’s an adorable small set of steps too, which will guide your buddy get in and get out.

7: Dog is a God by Marco Morosini

Dog is no less than God

Lastly but equally outstanding, Dog is a God by Marco Morosini wraps up our listing for the best dog homes available out there. Featuring a transparent top, the habitat gains extra points for including its own carport and three separate entrances. As far as its appearance is concerned, we easily give away full points to it.

That indeed brings us to a standstill for the seven best dog homes. Hopefully, these beautiful dwellings will not only provide a lively environment for your dog to live in, but will also ensure utmost protection and safety. So, which one of the aforementioned habitats will have your buddy resting? After all, a dog is indeed a man’s best friend and so gets the luxury of it!

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