7 Plants that you can easily grow in a freshwater aquarium

December 16, 2011

If you want to give a natural touch to your house, placing an aquarium can be a good idea. Beautiful small fishes in a tank full of fresh plants can create a positive environment. However, maintaining an aquarium needs some skills and expertise. To keep your fishes healthy, it is must to add some freshwater plants in the aquarium. Plants keep the water fresh for a long time, add greenery to the tank, absorb the organic waste, give oxygen to fishes and also provide spawning places for the fishes. Growing and maintaining the plants in an aquarium will not very difficult once you master the correct methods.

Water Wisteria

Following are the seven best type of plants that look good and are easy to grow in a freshwater aquarium.

1. Java Moss

Java Moss

Java Moss is also called the aquarium plant for beginners. Growing this plant is easy and also does not need too much maintenance. Clipping its long ends once in a while can keep it healthy. The only thing that the plant requires for growth is abundant bright light. As the plant has a very good capacity of attaching to anything and everything, you may find that once it starts growing, it can slowly cover the whole area and give the appearance of a carpet in the aquarium. However, as Java Moss is a slow growing plant, you need to have patience to watch it grow. Once the plant has grown properly, it remains alive even in bad water conditions, but its color changes from green to brown.

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2. Dwarf sag

Dwarf Sag

These are fast growing aquarium plants that look more like grass. They are really easy to grow and maintain. Their nice green color adds lots of freshness to the aquarium. You can either trim them to keep them short or just leave them to grow tall and beautiful. They are also great for those people who love to grow them outside aquarium. These plants have strong roots and even grow very well in the soil.

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3. Java fern

Java Fern

Java Fern is a plant that can be easily used by beginners. These plants can grow happily in many different types of water and light conditions. They are among those plants that can even grow well in very alkaline water. Java Fern can be either grown with other Java species or with entirely different kinds of aquarium plants. These are strong plants and can thrive anywhere. Adding a Java Fern to an aquarium is very easy. The green color of the plant looks really beautiful and some of the fishes that thrive well with these plants are Mbuna cichlids, angelfish, ancistrus catfish and tetra.

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4. Dwarf lilies

Dwarf Lilies

Dwarf Lilies are small plants with leaves having the maximum length of 12 cm. As the leaves of these plants are generally pink or red in color, they can be used for decorative purposes inside the aquarium. Maintenance of the plant is very easy, as they do not have any special requirements, except medium bright light and a small amount of fertilizer. It is also easy to grow a new Dwarf Lily plant, as they can be easily propagated by small baby plants that grow on their shoots.

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5. Water wisteria

Water Wisteria

These are plants that can grow very fast and, therefore, you need a large aquarium for them. Caring for these plants is not difficult, as they survive at varied conditions. They do not need too much of light, but a fertilizer containing iron is a must. You can check the growth of the plants by trimming their stems. These stems can also be used for further propagation of Water Wisteria. The plants are green in color and look great in the aquarium. They are very useful in keeping the aquarium water clean by absorbing waste from the water. They act as a good hiding and spawning place for some of the fishes. The leaves are also absolutely safe for the fishes to eat.

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6. Downoi


These plants have a beautiful star like shape. The edge of the leaves have special wave like shape that adds to the beauty of the plant. They can grow in low as well as bright light. They do not require any special supplement except iron fertilizer. These plants also have various ways of propagation, i.e. by seeds, runners or small plantlets. These plants grow in clusters and look pretty with small flowers that later produce seeds that can give rise to other new plants.

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7. Cryptocorynes


These are the plants that can be grown only with some special care. This care differs from species to species. They can grow in a little acidic water or even hard water, but the three things that is a must for their growth are clean water, the substrate should be fertile and the system should be stable. Some species of these plants need a low light to grow, whereas others need bright light. The leaves of these plants are of different shapes as well as sizes and, therefore, look very beautiful in the aquarium. Growing these plants is not very difficult. You just need to take care of their requirements and have lots of patience.

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