Right balance to maintain while pampering your dogs

April 27, 2012

Good quality dog foods

Our pets mean the world to us. They are our best friends and loyal companions, and that’s why we spoil them as much as we can. Spoiling them too often can change sour and potentially we can kill our beloved pets with kindness. We are all guilty of giving our pets too many treats too often, but we have to remember if we want them to be around for as long as possible we have to change our mind set. Treats should be just that, treats! They shouldn’t be given out on a regular basis and if you can’t help yourself look for something especially designed for dogs.

Don’t pretend you’ve never slipped your pet something off your plate!

Loving our pets doesn’t mean spoiling them with treats that aren’t actually good for their health. It should mean taking the time to choose good quality food for them. Here are a few of the pet food brands on offer that we think you should take a look at!

James Wellbeloved is a pet food company that prides itself on producing naturally healthy pet food from natural ingredients. That means you won’t find any artificial ingredients in their products. A great deal of research has gone into their ingredient choices and this is more than evident. For example, Cranberries are used to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Pro plan insists you won’t find any ingredients in their products that aren’t there for a reason; everything included is there for a specific benefit for your pet. Their ingredient choices are all made to help support your pet’s immune, digestive and skin & coat system.

Eukanuba is specifically designed for dogs and packed full of protein sourced from good quality meat. Just a few of the benefits include a healthy coat, stronger joints and more importantly, a healthy heart.

It’s about time we re-consider what goes into our pets’ tummies!

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