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Basic assistance harness for you and your service dog

January 2, 2012

It is essential nowadays to keep basic assistance harness for you and your dog as this will provide safety and security to both of you. Without any protection (basic assistance), a dog may suffer inconvenience. Some assets are present in market to avoid inconvenience and for giving better protection and comfort for you and your dog.

Service dog

This leather assistant is not like your regular average service dog harness support! But it is unlike any other harness or vest present in market that claims for ‘mobility’ assistance. Main quality of these kind of harness assistance is to provide comfort to the body of your dog. This leather belt is properly designed to give the support and optimum security you need and is accurately designed to fit for your dog’s body to distribute overall weight and minimize pressure points across the body of your dog. Durability of these belts is the thing you can trust on and it guarantees the quality and comfortableness. Although, it is little costly still your dog needs these kinds of assistance for whole life.

Ideal usability

This belt is ideally meant for those who needs counter balance and/or needs extra pulling support while walking with your dog or who needs to stay in closely with their partner pet. This belt fits perfect for medical alert dogs and for military uses. This belt also provides great support for transferring to or from a seated position.

Fitting size

This belt perfectly fits for dogs weighing 50-100 pounds, extra large size is also available in market for dogs over 100 pounds. Makers of these belt fit the size of the belt according to your dog’s size also it is readjustable, so that if in future dogs size changes you ca also change the size of belt according to suitability.

Benefits of assistance harness belt

1. Stability support for counter balance

2. Forward momentum pulling assistance

3. No slipping or shifting

4. Better conversation between dog and partner

5. Proper fitting and support

6. Preferably light weight

7. Perfect fit adjustable straps for a dog.

8. Weight distribution throughout the body of your dog.

9. Correct for dog’s body ergonomically.

10. Very light weighted and flexible (2 pounds)

11. Fixed leather balance handle makes to fit perfectly your desired height

12. Removable and adjustable pull strap

13. Quality of materials and workmanship is of best.

14. Quality leather and quality rustfree hardware for durability purpose

15. Belt fits to custom measurement of dogs size.

16. Guarantees for greater fitting.

17. Excellent customer support

18. Replacement straps are also available to fit the harness to a new sized dogs

Most of the customers are satisfied with the making and usability of such kinds of belts.

Via: Bigcartel

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