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What can I care and train my rescued Jack Russell?

I recently rescued a small Jack Russell. He was thrown away because he is wounded. I took him to the vet and got him vaccinated. But now since I have never been with any kind of pets in my life, I don’t know what to do next. I want help from people who are expert in petting. How can I take care of rescued Jack Russell? What can I do to train him? Can anyone help? I would really appreciate your feedback regarding this. Thanks.

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  1. Pinky Jones says:

    Jack Russell terrier is one of the amazing breeds, very docile and obedient but make sure of one thing, it should not be teased by the children, if done so, and then the impact will be of inimical nature. Jack Russell is a good doggie and will respond to the training. If you are training your jack Russell terrier in their puppyhood then the impact will be great and they will learn more quickly. The first and foremost training should be done for housebreaking. Firstly, I analyze the pattern and note the time by which the doggie takes a poop. Then when he is about 4 months old, start using, at first, orange color paper, and keep it in the verandah of your house during the time when the pup usually takes a poop, and signal or coax the doggie to do potty on the orange colored paper. Then the orange colored paper will be replaced by a newspaper and the verandah should get replaced by dog gardens. You can generally train the doggie to be calm and composed and not bark much by being forceful with them. Whenever the doggie terrier displays undesirable behavior then you should make him understand that this is not what you want, but if he remains relentless then you should be stern and strict. And if the doggie terrier shows desirable behavior then you should shower lots of love and affection on him. I hope the information does help you in training the jack Russell.

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