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Cat Couture

Small pets have gone a step further, breaking all the rules and rocking all the parties with their fashion fad owners. Especially, the deadly blend of girls and cats is nurturing out of the blue cat couture. What’s wrong if they are being used as fashion accessories; after all the furry balls are having their share of sparkling life. Pamper them, polish their nails, brush their hairs and do all the decorations you can do out of the ammunition from your wardrobe and here she is, your impeccable companion, your perfect kitty that makes you conspicuous in this crazy world.

There is one place that can make your dream of a glamorous kitty come true and that is It’s a dreamland for cat lovers with a unique collection of collars for your kitty, jackets, nail polish, ball-gowns and much more. Just drop in see.

Via: shefinds

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