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CROWN Felt basket with orthopedic pet cushion: A boon for any pet

December 18, 2011

Your pet is a living being with its own needs and requirements for comforts. Just because it cannot speak up for itself does not mean that it is happy always. The home is where the heart lies and one of the best ways to ensure that your pet is happy is to get make it comfortable at home. The most important thing after feeding and playing is the resting bed of the pet. A cozy and comfortable bed for the pet to sleep will ensure its happiness. Here is a pet basket made of felt that promises to be fun along with being comfortable. It also assures the pet’s health and well-being.

CROWN Felt with orthopedic pet cushion

The added advantage of getting the CROWN basket for the pet is that it well defines an area where the pet should be confined as it rests. This helps in a sense to inculcate discipline in the pet. The petals of the basket also provide the pet with nice niches to play around. The base is made of hardwearing needle felt and the entire furniture is made from 100 percent sheep wool. The felt basket is mechanically manufactured and hardened without the addition of any binding chemicals. It is also decorative in its looks and ornaments the corner where it is placed at home. The cushions have replaceable covers that makes them truly last a lifetime for the animals. The basket with cushion can be made to order for larger sizes.

When it comes to choosing a resting bed for your pet, the top criterion must be a lying position that is both ideal and adequate. Most of the commercial pet beds are made from low density foam plastics with thin polyester sheet rests. Since they are not strong and stable enough, very soon, the pet is almost lying down on the hard floor. The fillings in these beds do not provide adequate support for the joints and spine of your beloved pet.

It is here that the importance of an orthopedic bed comes into picture. Filled with high quality flakes of latex, the pillows/beds have high densities. Thus, they are durable, elastic, sustainable and have shapes that change to support the pet in a supine position. The height of the pillows is also designed specifically based on the heights and sizes of the pets. Bed-sores and pressure-sores that happen often in the elder animals can also be minimized if not avoided. This kind of pillow/bed will prove to be a blessing for those animals suffering from arthrosis or hip joint dysplasia.

Latex is also known to be anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and has the ability to regulate temperature and humidity. Its antiseptic properties ensure that you never have the problems of mite infestation. The latex padding is also noiseless and this ensures a sound and restorative sleep for the pets as well as the pet owners.

All in all, the CROWN Felt basket which comes along with the orthopedic pet cushion will be the ultimate boon for any pet!

Via: PetInteriors

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