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DenHaus modern dog furniture: Targeted towards the urban dog owners

December 16, 2011

Another marvel in the world of architecture and design, the BowHaus, which is modern dog furniture, has been launched by DenHaus, Inc. The furniture has been especially designed for the dogs owned by people in urban areas. Generally when we own a pet, it is obvious that after some time we get attached to it. The attachment is so much that we start caring for the pet for every single thing.


There is a design bowl for the pet in which it is fed with its food. It is obvious that the owners of pets would get crazy about DenHaus, once made aware of it. The modern dog furniture is very trendy and has a unique design that not only satisfies the owner family but also the pet itself. It is designed looking at the comfort of both. Not only that, even the quality has been one of the main focuses. It is made of durable metal with wonderful modern design. Its silver color gives that striking starburst look. This design is basically targeted towards the urban pet owner as mentioned before.

According to a census, nearly 43 million dog owning houses in U.S. want their pets to deserve a room of their own; that too near the family to treat them like a part of family. The furniture designed by DenHaus is fondly known as Dens. There are least conflicts that the pet owners experience now, in sharing space with their pet. This also satisfies the dog’s natural instincts to have its own space or room. The BowHaus modern dog furniture collection is suitable for people with small dogs and limited space as well. Also, the metallic color and starburst design make it look suitable for small pets only. This makes the compact living more simple and stylish. As far as the manufacturing of BowHaus is concerned, it is locally made, and uses green packaging. The BowHaus furniture for dogs is crafted of durable and easy to clean metal. It is manufactured in the United States, and that too by workers with disabilities. The BowHaus has 100 percent recyclable packaged distribution.

Every family starts treating its pets as a new family member after sometimes. With the growth of pets in families there has been significant growth in the pet products industry. Why would then DenHaus stay back? Taking the advantage of this trend, 71.1 million homes had estimated to have spent $43.4 billion pets only during the year 2008. Fulfilling the need of personal space for the pets, ZenHaus collection comes in several designs. The designs range from sleek, sophisticated, oval Dens to wooden Dens crafted with perfect quality work. The comfort and style, both are satisfied by the DenHaus mission. One can order it from the Denhaus website, being the easiest way of purchase. DenHaus has been successful in satisfying both the family and the pets and make them live happily together.

Source: PR Web

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