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Seven DIY dog toys you can make at home

October 3, 2011

Seven DIY dog toys you can make at home

Having a pooch is an expensive affair. Everything from its food to its house costs a lot. Dog toys too come at a whopping price. There are times when you go to the store and think “a white cord and a tennis ball- $8! Really?” You scratch your head and wish money grew on trees. After all, you can’t compromise on your dog’s happiness. How about some homemade toys which are low on budget and safe from all the toxic materials? Since your dog doesn’t know the difference between a branded and a homemade toy, he’ll be perfectly fine with it as long as it’s interesting.

We will share with you some unique ideas on how to make pet toys but you will have to keep in mind certain things. Old jeans and socks, the two most common materials for homemade toys, , should not be used. If the dog associates your smell with something he is allowed to chew, he will end up chewing all your clothes and socks. So, it’ll be better if you buy new ones. But don’t worry, you can get it dirt cheap from local second hand or goodwill store. But if you still want to use them, soak it in something which eliminates the smell.

1. The sock ‘n’ ball


1 old tennis ball

1 sturdy sock

This one is the easiest and cheapest to make. Place the ball inside the sock. Push it to the toe end. Take a string and tie a knot above the ball so that it is sealed tightly inside the sock. This DIY pet toy is ready to use.

2. The snack sock


Small dog treats

2 sturdy socks

Put the snacks in one sock. Now roll them up the way you would do when you put your socks in the drawer. Now, place it inside the other sock and seal it by tying a knot. Your dog can still smell the food inside and will love the task of getting the treats out.

3. The rope ball


1 tennis ball

Piece of old rope

Punch or drill a hole on each side of the ball. It should be big enough to let the rope pass through. Put the rope in and pull from one side until the ball is at the centre. Now, to keep the ball in place, tie knots on either side of the ball. For a perfect grip, tie knots at the ends of the rope too. You have just made a brilliant ‘tug of war’ toy, which is equally good for fetching or chewing.

4. Kitchen towel braids


1 old kitchen towel

Take your old kitchen towel and cut two slits along its length. They should be equidistant from each other. Stop cutting an inch from the top. Then, braid the cut parts together just like you would braid your hair. Tie a knot at the loose ends. For a tougher dog rope toy, braid three towels together.

5. The empty cuddly toy


1 old cuddly toy

You do not need to spend bucks on expensive toys when you can craft one at your home. Take a discarded stuffed toy or you can buy a cheap one at goodwill store. Empty it of the stuffing and sew it back. Dogs love such unstuffed toys.

6. One big knot


1 long strip of fabric

Take the strip and tie a knot at the center. Tie another knot around the previous one. Keep knotting until you get a single giant knot. Cut off the remaining strips from the ends. Your dog will love this chewy toy. Many dogs like chewing on ice. If your dog is of the same kind, you can freeze the knot ball in the freezer.

7. Milk bottle madness


Small dog treats

1 plastic milk bottle

Take away the plastic cap of the milk bottle and fill it with treats inside. No matter how simple this sounds, your dog will love to scratch and throw and struggle with the bottle until the last bite of treat is out.

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