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How do dog groomers untangle dog hair?

I have a white toy Maltese. He has a kind of long hair which always gets tangled up. Many times I have tried to untangle it bit it is really difficult and nothing has worked for me so far. So I have to take him to the dog groomers every month. They get it done. Sometimes I wonder how dog groomers untangle dog hair. Can someone help me regarding this? What all do they require to get it done? Even if someone has some personal suggestion can come up with answers. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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  1. Madhurima Srivastava says:

    How to untangle mats from dog’s hair? If you are going to brush or comb out the mats and tangles from your dog’s hair, then, this can cause a great deal of discomfort to your dog. If you want to avoid pain to your pet, then, first of all you have to stop pulling on mats and tangles of hair. Instead of this, you should be gently removing tangles and mats, by following few tips mentioned as below: It is better to use a dog brush. So you should begin with the tips of the hair and steadily work down to the skin. With your pet you should be brushing out small amounts of hair at a time, so your pet wouldn’t be discomforted. Use spray with the mat to make them wet and then use a comb with wide teeth to slowly work with dog’s coat in the mat free. Carefully, you should be holding the base of the mat closest to your dog’s skin. This will avoid pulling your dog’s skin. Try to follow the step by step process like divide the mat in two parts with your fingers. This will make untangling process easier for both of you and your dog. You can also choose to use the mat rake in the same way you used a comb. Mat rakes are made with sharp teeth that can easily work and you will face fewer troubles with tangles. You should never use scissors to cut out a mat or a knot, because this can seriously injure your dog. In order to keep it convenient, use a weekly conditioner for the pet. Regularly using a conditioner will keep your dog’s coat smooth and healthy. In order to prevent future mats, I will suggest keeping the dog’s hair short.

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