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All you need to know about Dog Leash Training

November 8, 2011

Dog Leash Training

Dogs need to be groomed, taken for a walk, fed and pampered apart from a firm dose of discipline and training in good manners. For this it needs your devotion and time. Patience, understanding, and perseverance are the keywords while training your pet.

Being angry can make things worse so you need to be firm while training your dog. Remember that every pet is born with certain innate personality traits and you should be able to handle it accordingly. Once trained, they show exceptional degree self assurance, nobility and confidence. Being naturally protective of their families and homes, five or six months old dogs may show some degree of suspicion toward strangers; sometimes some might even chase cats or become aggressive in the presence of other unfamiliar dogs.

So if you are planning to get a puppy, be sure it would need lots of exercise, supervision and most importantly, proper leash and collar training especially in situations where great deal of reliability is needed. Following are some tips for your dog to walk nicely on a leash.

a. Dogs do not know if they have to lead, walk side by side or lag behind. Most of the times they tend to move faster than their handlers as they are excited about their outdoor activities and leashes constrain their natural behavior. So it is mandatory for you to never allow pulling.

b. All walks are training sessions for your dog till it learns to walk without pulling on the leash. The outdoor walk session should be frequent but short and should be made interesting for your pet.

c. Dogs pull on the leash because they are full of energy and need extra activities so it is advisable to indulge your dog in other playful activities before going for loose leash training session.

d. Try walking briskly. This way your dog too will match your pace and have few opportunities to get distracted to other things.

e. Your pet needs to be rewarded for every instruction it follows successfully so choose your dog’s favorite goodies, preferably soft treats that are usually denied at other times. This will not only encourage your pet but it will look forward to those training sessions.

f. If your dog gets excited and jumps around when you are about to clip on the leash, it is necessary to first calm your dog. You will need to stand still without saying a word till your pet calms down and has all his paws on the floor. You might have to repeat this till your pet learns to stay still while you clip on the leash. This practice will teach your pet to control itself not only before the walk but also on leash when it goes out for a walk.

g. Be cautious while handling the leash and do not jerk too hard else you can inflict injury to your dog’s neck. Use four to six feet long leash and choose the leash material as per your requirement. Metal leash unlike leather ones can be too heavy on the hands but cannot be chewed by your pet. Nylon leash can cut into hands or cause leash burns.

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