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What does it mean if the dog is pooping blood?

My dog is pooping blood since yesterday. But my dog is acting normal like a regular dog, wagging its tail and barking. But I am too scared for my dog. I have also taken appointment with vet for tomorrow. The vet told me not to worry in the meanwhile. But I am freaking scared. What does it mean if the dog is pooping blood? Is it because of some internal cut or heat which is quite high these days? Can someone help? Thanks.

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  1. Roopesh Pathak says:

    Blood in poop is an indication of something dangerous and it should be cured by the perfect vet. You should go through a blood laboratory for the blood test. This can be TB or some kind of worms inside the body. This infection can flow much. So, care it as more as possible. There are two expected diseases that your dog must be suffering with. Either he is suffering with something very dangerous that rises from the lungs infection or something related of it. On the other hand it sometimes happen due to variations in weather too. That means the season effect and the infection create through unnecessary food that is not much appropriate in the season. If he is suffering from all these then no need to be worry more. But I ‘d like to suggest you to go through a perfect vet as soon as possible. This is quite better and beneficial to you. So, please go through full checkup of your pet.

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