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How to ensure pet safety while driving

October 17, 2011

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Most pet owners want their pets to accompany them on vacations or trips. Taking your pets with you will be a wonderful experience if you do the right things; however, there are chances that the trip will turn disastrous in case the necessary precautions are not taken. First of all, if you decide to take you pet along with you make sure that he/she is fit to travel. If your pet is fit to travel then follow the tips listed below to have a trouble free journey otherwise leave pet in its familiar surroundings with caring pet sitter.

When traveling with a pet in your car follow the guidelines listed below to enjoy a safe and trouble drive:

1. Prepare the pet for journey well in advance

Take your pet out in the car for short trips then you can gradually increase the trip time to make the pet comfortable and eventually be ready for the long journey.

2. Get a crate or a carrier

From a pet’s safety point of view, it’s better to purchase a well ventilated crate or a carrier in which you can put your pet. There are wide variety of crates and carriers available in the market so buy one that suits you but most importantly in which your pet will be safe and comfortable. Many accidents have been caused due to pets being left loose in the car. However, make sure that the crate is fastened properly so that it does not move in case of an emergency stop.

3. Carry the necessary pet supplies

Pack all the essential items like brand of pet food you give your pet, bowl, bedding, leash, collar and tags, few toys, grooming equipment, a pet first-aid kit and any necessary medications.

4. Give your pet a light meal before the journey

It’s advisable to feed your pet a few hours before the trip and keep the food intake to a minimum and give them their regular pet food.

5. Make frequent stops

You should provide adequate toilet and exercise breaks to your pet to keep the pet comfortable and relaxed. However, make sure that outside the car the pet is wearing a collar or tag and is on a leash. Also carry water for your pet. You should carry fresh water for your pet to keep them hydrated. It’s preferable to carry water in bottles or plastic jugs rather than giving tap water which could lead to tummy trouble.

6. Keep the pet inside the car always

Don’t allow the pet to keep its head or any limb outside the car window. There is a chance of the pet getting hit by a foreign object or by oncoming traffic. Also never keep a pet in the back of a pick up truck while driving.

7. Never leave your pets unattended in the car

The pets should never be left unattended as the temperature inside the car is a lot higher in summer, which can lead to heat stroke, and conversely in winters the temperature inside the car considerably lower, otherwise the animal will due to cold. Additionally there are chances of the pet being stolen.

Follow the safety tips and make your trips even better.

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