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How good is the feline pine cat litter?

How good is feline pine cat litter considered? Have you ever got it for your cat? This kind of a litter box should be good right? I have heard that taking care of a cat could be a bit hectic. I know that cats clean themselves and if you have two they keep themselves company when they have to. What is the procedure of the litter box cleaning? Do you keep throwing away the sand or just the poop?

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  1. Adityeshwar Kushwaha says:

    A healthy cat’s that is eating a good diet doesn’t have overly smelly feces. Depending upon how old your kitten is, its body might still be going through adjustment stages and his poop will be less smelly as he matures. If it is eating kitten food, his poop will be smellier, as will it if his diet is high in fish and seafood. If your cat’s poop doesn’t adjust as he gets a little older or withdiet changes, you might want to mention it to your vet, as overly smelly poop could have some physiological, bacterial, or parasitic cause. Seriously smelly poop is often a sign of some kind of malabsorption. I use Feline Pine in two of my litter boxes, and BTW, none of my cats deem it important to cover their poop for some reason. In all of my boxes I mix in a little Oxy (the crystals kind) and a little baking soda. If you decide to try baking soda, test a wee bit out in the box to see if your cat reacts to it, as it can elicit sneezing in some cats.

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