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Do Havanese dogs and Ragamuffin cats get along nicely?

I already have Havenese dog. I am planning to get one Ragamuffin cat. But I am bit skeptical about their compatibility. I have read that Ragamuffin cats are very compassion-able, but it didn’t mention whether it applies for dogs. Do Havanese dogs and Ragamuffin cats get along nicely? So someone with experience of cats and dogs together tell me whether they will get along nicely or not. I would really appreciate your views regarding this. Thanks.

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  1. Leonard Bishop says:

    Dude, there is always a problem when a canine and a feline meet, which is why we have coined the saying- fighting like cats and dogs, ain’t it? Some miracle can happen, if the doggie and the kitties happen to be properly trained, of which chances are thin. Now you have to train both, your doggie pal as well as the new admission, the kitty- Ragamuffin cat., if you want it to live in harmony. First of all be biased, if the dog will know that you are showing inordinate love to the kitty then it is bound to piss him off. I know it will be hard to not over care the kitty considering its age, but still don’t let the doggie be alone. If the doggie pal does something bad to the kitty then you should shout loudly – “no!” which will help the Havenese dog to be afraid. Being dominant is also one thing which you have to adopt as a pet master over the Havenese dog and make sure that you do not end up pampering the kitty which will worsen the situation. I really hope the information provided is helpful.

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