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What health problems does a miniature boxer suffer?

I had a Doberman and it died about two years ago. I am still not sure if I want to keep another dog. I was passing by this pound when I saw this miniature boxer and I just thought it was the cutest thing I saw in years. I have a couple cases of the miniature boxer having a lot of health problems. Would you happen to know which the most common one is? Is it better to have a pure breed instead of hybrid?

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  1. Arlene Aguilar says:

    The mini boxer happens to be a hybrid which is been attained when you have a cross between the Boston terrier and the boxer breed. This cross is been recognized by the American Canine hybrid club. The health problems which a mini boxer suffers from can be, hip dysplasia wherein the problem of hip bones malfunctioning can take place.Another problem which is known to be most common for the mini boxer breed is snoring. It is believed that the habit of snoring is been attained by the breed by its parent breed, boxer, which is known for its snoring quality. The dogs also drool but not every time, mine mini boxer drools occasionally. Deafness is also a problem with the breed (mini boxer) only when its parent happens to be white boxer. The general problem of ingestion and cough takes place in a normal fashion with the breed. I hope the information which has been provided to you in this section makes some sense.

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