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This holiday, keep your dog safe

December 22, 2011

With Christmas and New Year celebrations around the corner, there are bound to be holidays and parties. While these times are wonderful and exciting for everyone in the family, they might not be so for your pet dog. Though the dog is a member of your family, you should remember that what is celebration for you may turn out to be a safety nightmare for it. Just like an elder or a baby in the family, your dog too has special needs and you should take care to address them. You would definitely not want to end up in a veterinary clinic for an emergency during your celebrations. Here are three most important pointers to keep in mind while holidaying and partying.

Safety tips in caring for your pet dog during holidays

1. Care against decorations

Though curiosity has been proverbially linked to killing the cat, it could lead to the same consequences when it comes to your dog too! Being curious and exploratory in its attitude, the dog begins by sniffing and exploring the foreign objects that the decorations are. Then, it may even ingest some of these items! So make sure that all the electrical plugs are insulated and the wires are tucked away from reach of the dog. The holiday plants and decorations too should be kept away. Watch out especially for dangling objects which the dog may pull and hurt itself. Ensure that it does not drink the water from the Christmas tree else it will fall sick.

2. Table scraps are a definite no

What is a feast for humans may turn out to be poison for the dog. Onions that give a kick to the food for us, creates anemia for the dog. Bones, chocolates, grapes and raisins are treats for you and me but being high in fats, they will upset the doggy’s tummy. Alcoholic beverages must be strictly avoided as they can poison the dog. Also, do not treat your pet dog as a mobile trash-can, throwing scraps that you do not wish to eat. In case you want to really treat your dog to a few delicious morsels, give it some cooked chicken or turkey without the bones or skin. Bones present a choking hazard for the dog. It would be safe and good to feed different dishes only in moderation to the dog.

3. Save the dog from getting lost in the melee

A gala party on a holiday means lot of people, commotion and confusion. This sudden onset of people can be very confusing and stressful for the dog. What is music for your ears is noise for the dog! Especially if your pet is of the nervous type, keep the dog isolated in a separate room. Large crowds and dogs do not gel well together. Even if the dog is comfortable with a smaller group, instruct everyone in the group about the ground rules when it comes to interacting with and feeding the dog. Placing the dog collar with identification is a must during holidays and parties.

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