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Which is the largest dog ever born?

It is the end of 2011. Would you happen to have an idea as to which is the largest dog ever to be born? I am planning on buying a huge dog for my family and myself. Mention a few breeds which are bound to grow really huge? I had seen pictures of this Mastiff and I believe it is the largest dog. Do you think it is real or fake? A number of pictures claim the Dane to be the largest dog.

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  1. Roopesh Pathak says:

    Yeah, the Great Danes are really the largest dogs of the world and they have got all the awards for their fabulous features. Mastiff are not so large in height, they are big in width only. But height wise Great Danes are only the dogs having amazing potential and energy level. See, I have a couple of Great Danes and I know all the features of this breed exactly. This dog is also known as the German Mastiff, this is what you might be confused in the basic comparison of them. This world’s tallest dog breed is current world record holder measuring as 109 cm from paw to shoulder and 220 cm or we can say near about 7.2 ft from head to tail. The Great Dane combines its regal appearance, dignity as well as strength and elegance too with great size and a powerful, well-formed, smoothly muscled body. You can assume how this dog is fulfilling from all the ways. And I am damn sure this is not at all fake. All the information I provided you is authentic.

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