Lizards can be the ideal pet for your kids

December 22, 2011

Lizards as a pet.

You probably would consider having a pet dog, rabbit, cat, mouse, hamster, gerbil, turtle…. but least of all would you consider lizards as ideal pets! But, there are others who like to own exotic pets that are interesting and different. It can be quite fun having a lizard as a pet, however, you can only own certain types of lizards. The best types would be the water dragon, the anole or the bearded dragon. The anole would be, beyond a shadow of doubt, the easiest lizard to handle.

In order to nourish and rear an anole, you would have to very particular about feeding this hungry lizard everyday. Lizards need a specific level of heat, light and humidity in their surroundings, so that is another thing you need to be particular about as this is not any other cage animal. There will be a lot of expenditure involved to keep your pet anole comfortable, but once you manage it you’ll be pleasantly happy with the company that your newfound pet will give you.

Lizards are fun for the kids; however, the only thing to watch for would be the salmonella bacteria that they carry. So do keep an antibacterial hand sanitizer handy. Lizards have varied temperaments and it seems like the bearded dragon is the most manageable lizard and are very calm and friendly! The anoles are a little jumpy, whereas the water dragons are fun-loving when young, but they become territorial as they mature.

Lizards have a varied life expectancy. A bearded dragon can live for ten years and an anole can live up to four years, whereas water dragons have a life expectancy of roughly fifteen years. Some lizards are insectivores whereas others are omnivores. So, for the insect-eating lizards, you will have to stock up on a lot of insects to keep them satiated. If you feel awful about having insects around you, then lizards are definitely not the pet for your temperament! Lizards enjoy meal worms and crickets with a topping of calcium (as lizards are calcium deficient). The other components of their diet would be some veggies, fruits and leafy vegetables. However, certain lizards when mature would like to have a rodent in their meal plan!

There are a lot of factors that you must consider before finally zeroing in on your type of lizard. It is a huge responsibility, but once you cross all the hurdles, it is well worth the money and the patience!

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