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How many mastiff breeds are there in the whole world?

How many mastiff breeds are there in the whole world? Can you give the names with the details like what are they, where can they be found, how many of them are extinct, whether they are pure bred or not, you know everything, I need to know everything about it for my assignment. Thanks so much.

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  1. Ramchander Koushik.R says:

    It is a really nice thing that you want to know about mastiff dog breeds. They are extremely loyal to their owners and are highly protective of them. They first originated about 2000 years back. In the old Roman British civilizations, they were used for thepurpose of hunting. If you are looking for good guard dog, there would be few to match the mastiff in this regard.It was not until the 19th centurythat the mastiff breed became popular in the US. When someone wants to performsearch and rescue operations, mastiffs are mostly on top of the list. Normally, their shoulders are at least 30 inches or so and they about 200 lbs.While the mastiffs of yesteryearswere really ferocious, the ones that we find today are relatively calm andcomposed. If you are looking for a good companion for your children, mastiffswould be an excellent choice. Despite the huge build, mastiffs are extremely agile and fast.The great Pyrenees and theNeapolitan mastiff are some of the most common breeds that you would find inmost parts of the world. The French Bulldog and the pug are some miniature versions of the mastiff. There are some breeds of mastiff that are extinct like the Argentinian mastiff, yet there is no clear data of the numbers of the same.

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