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Is Mountain Cur a good dog for petting?

I was wondering if a Mountain Cur is a good dog for petting as I have wanted a dog since my childhood, but never had one. But I want to ask about few things from people who have this dog as their pet. What are some good and bad things about Mountain Cur? Which gender is better to handle, male or female? Are they easy to house train? How long can I leave them locked up if I am not around? Are they good with kids? Which time is best to get them as a pet? Is it when they are puppy or as an adult? What do you guys think? Waiting for some useful replies.

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  1. Dallas Marquez says:

    Mountain Cur doggies are good for petting, and I say this with high levels of conviction since I have the pet pal. But if you are a meek pack leader, then I must tell you that the pet is not so cool to be with. The pet is highly recalcitrant and will try to push you away from being the alpha position holder and will try to grab the same position.Now, what my advice to you is, that you have to be a firm pack leader. You have to make the Mountain Cur doggies’ dance to your tunes. If you try to be reluctant and will try to give in to the demands of the pet pal of yours, then I will not recommend you to have a Mountain Cur dog. The dog breed is good to be with. It is highly protective and will be having a high desire to please their masters. I hope the information which has been provided to you in this section makes some sense.

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