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Paw Spa lets pet owners wash and groom their furry pals

November 14, 2011

Paw Spa Dog Tub

The urban crowd is steadily growing and people who comprise this crowd mostly live in apartments which offer no personal outdoor space. So if you rank among this urban populace and are a furry pet owner in the bargain, you are likely to face difficulties with the personal grooming of your pets. You either have to take your pets to professional salons or resort to bathing them in the bathroom. To alleviate the worries of all you pet owners, Emil Blanco has devised a Paw Spa dog tub. This uniquely designed contraption makes it possible for owners to clean and groom their pets at home with minimum trouble as well as save money over pet spas.

Built largely along the lines of the bathtub that professional groomers use, the design is compact. It also boasts two separate configurations, one for your bathtub and another for the stall shower.

The bathtub configuration features a collapsible silicon body. It is structured so as to be propped along the edges of your bathtub and does not come in contact with the enamel surface. It is fitted out with proper drains and filters. It also comes equipped with a collar restraint hook. Additional paraphernalia include a water pump and a water and soap nozzle. The upturned sides of the dog tub traps the shed fur inside and keeps your bathroom from being littered.

The stall shower assemblage contains a removable silicon tray, a suction cup and the water and soap nozzle. The bathtub stands on fold-out legs which end in rubber feet. The surface of the tub has non-slip padding making your pet safer and your job easier.

This home-grooming product with the professional edge is sure to be an acquisition once it is produced and marketed.

Via: Behance Network

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