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Pet birds: Hidden dangers they face

December 28, 2011

Keeping a pet bird can be a rewarding experience. But, to ensure the survival of your pets, you have to make your household safe for them. This may take some time as you have to look into different parts of your house and find the objects that may be harmful for your pet. While some of the things lying around the house may seem completely harmless, they may do just enough damage to make you lose your beloved pet. So, here is a list of three hidden dangers in your house that you should consider while making your home bird proof.

Some Hidden Dangers to Pets

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is the most dangerous area for your bird. It has hot dishes and stoves which may burn a bird. Some of the food in the kitchen may look extremely attractive to the bird but can contain ingredients that are toxic to it. Moreover, a sink filled with foaming dishwater can become a watery grave for your bird. So make your kitchen a strict no-entry zone for your bird and never keep any food near the bird which may be toxic to it.

2. Toilet

It may seem odd that the toilet may be a hazard to birds, but it is one of the most dangerous places for your pet. Apart from the risk of drowning, toilets have innumerable types of bacteria that are toxic for birds. Cleaning agents stored in the toilet can also pose a serious threat to your pet. So, always keep the bathroom door closed when your bird is playing outside the cage.

3. Medicines

Medicines pose a very dangerous threat to pets for obvious reasons. It is very easy for an intelligent animal like a bird to open medicine bottles with their beaks. The medicines themselves are very attractive to birds since they look like small berries or food pellets. So, make sure you hide all your medicines to reduce the risk of your pet ingesting them.

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