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Pet owners feeling the heat of Dognapping

dog stealIf dognapping has kicked off kidnapping out of fashion, whom to blame – pets, owners, or the government? The key to the answer lies in the booming pet pampering business and the royal treatment we’re giving to our pets. They are priceless, isn’t it? So, now face the price. Pet theft has opened a new vista for thieves to warm up their pockets. They’re resorting to more violent means to steal valuable pets, an easy way out to make money.

What you can do now? Stop pampering your pets, chop off their status quo and bring them down to earth, shun them and see the price dropping. Can you really do this with your kids, not really? The only way out is to take precautions. Microchip all your pets immediately to track them at the earliest, act fast in case your pet has gone missing, announce a cash reward, be on the heels all the time and the most important, train your pet to be with you always.

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