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The Petmate Indigo Dog Home – Your dog’s new home!

December 10, 2011

Getting the perfect dog house for your dog is often a problem Most dog houses are not durable, your dogs cannot stay there throughout the year and there are always risks associated with your dog living in the dog house. Yet things have changed now. So, what do you think of gifting your lovely dog a brand new home that he can be proud of? After all, surely your pet dog deserves a home of his own? The Petmate Indigo Dog Home is built just for that purpose. The product design of the dog house itself tells all. The dog house simulates the shape and color of ice bricks, and through it gives you a mini-replica of an Arctic abode for your dog to rest in.

Petmate Indigo Dog Home

This dog home gives your dog all the comforts and security he rightfully deserves and is extremely durable thus not having the chance of breaking down due to weather. One of the great things about this dog home is that is is very easy to assembled and can be set up in minutes! To assemble, you just need to snap the top onto the base and then you have gifted your dog a top-of-the-line igloo-shaped dog house.

The enclosed walls of this igloo dog house will surely satisfy the natural den instincts of your dog. The dog house is specially built to keep your dog warm during winter and also cooler during summer, with the help of special foam construction. Then there is also the extended doorway of the doghouse, which gives your lovely pet the extra protection from winds and blowing rains. The extended doorway also enables your dog to relax and stretch itself more freely. The extended doorway can also serve as a convenient lounging area for your pet to survey his surroundings. Microban, a popular antimicrobial is also used in the dog house to provide your pet dog with extra protection. Microban ensures that the growth of bacteria is prevented and thus diseases like stains, odors, mold and mildew do not occur. Microban is especially effective if you live in a rainy or humid climate as the chances of bacteria growing are much more then.

The Petmate Indigo Dog house also has proper ventilation thanks to the adjustable top ventilation window, which you can adjust on your wish and comes in handy as different type of ventilation is required at different times of the year. The dog house has many colors and has many accessories too that can be bought along side it, like the plush Indigo pad. The price too does not stink much into the pocket and you could buy it without breaking your bank. In some instances, like during some online sales the price is even under $90 and thus with this price, this pet dog house is one worthy to be bought indeed. The Petmate Indigo Dog house is an ideal dog house for your pet dog where it could stay all through the year.

Via: Zootoo

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