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What is the quality of the mupirocin ointment?

What can you tell about the mupirocin ointment? If this ointment can be used for animals then do tell me for what is applied for? I want to know the safety of using this ointment on both dogs and cats. Is it only a pet med and is the use of this ointment accepted by the FDA. Have you known anyone who has used this product? Could you name other products like this ointment which can be used for the same purpose?

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  1. Trent Boyer says:

    Mupirocinointment is been used for only dogs, so don’t even think of applying it on thecats. I don’t know whether, or not, it will have any side effects but still itis always better safe than sorry, so don’t give it to any cats. Mupirocinointment is used for treating inflammation which happens on the dog’s skin. Itis a very effective drug. I have used the ointment on my frenchie and heresponded really well to this medication. But you have to make sure that thisdrug cannot be obtained from any of the pet medical store if you don’t have anyprescription of the vet for your pet. The Mupirocinointment is been approved by FDA which signifies the intensity of its quality,so you should not be concerned about the quality of the ointment. And alsoremember one thing that the drug (Mupirocin ointment­) should not be used formore than 30 days continuously. If the skin inflammation is not controlled withinthe 30 days time period then you have to again consult your pet’s vet.

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