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Reasons to consider adopting a shelter dog

November 9, 2011

Adopting a shelter dog

Buying dogs is often equated with buying cars. Some people only buy new cars while some buy only used ones. This comparison, however, is not right. Adopting a dog from a shelter has many advantages compared to buying a purebred one from a breeder. Of course, there are advantages of a purebred dog too, but comparing a shelter dog to a second hand car is not right! Here are six reasons that support the adoption of a shelter dog:

1. The dog benefits

Most of the dogs that are in shelters are on a lookout for homes that can keep them, else they would be condemned to lead a difficult life in a cage always. This situation could get worse with dogs being euthanized and being put to permanent sleep. Adopting the dog will definitely save its life and also give it a good life. There are many pet owners who will swear by the feeling of goodness and joy that wells within them at the thought of having saved a life.

2. You benefit economically

If you are a dog-lover, then the shelter dog will be the most economic option for you. When you go and purchase a pup from a breeder, you will be shelling out as much as $1000. A normal shelter will charge you only about $120 for an adoption. That is an 88 percent savings! These dogs will most probably be neutered or spayed and will be vaccinated. You will be saving on these costs also. Also, the various agility and obedience competitions are not restricted to pure breeds alone. So, if you are interested, you could get your adopted dog to compete in these competitions and make some cool money. These dogs could also earn for you as service dogs or therapy dogs which get paid.

3. Mixed breeds have distinct advantages

Certain purebred dogs are quick at contracting some illnesses. For instance, golden retrievers are known to be prone to cancer, dysplasia and chronic seizures when they reach an age of 5. Mixed breeds are relatively more resistant because they seem to obtain the best from the mix of the parents. It has been found that the mixed breed is always more robust and healthy compared to either of the parents.

The mixing of breeds also presents the advantage of variety. For instance, there are golden retriever/chow mixes along with Daschund/Beagle mixes in the dog shelters. This way, you will find combinations of pure breeds which could seem like a unique breeds of their own. The variety possible is infinite for, there are infinite permutations and combinations. If you are very choosy and picky about the kind of dog you want to own, you will definitely find the dog of your dreams in a shelter.

4. You can even get purebreds

It is wrong to assume that the dog shelters have only mixed breeds. Remember that even the purebreds need to be rescued. In fact, there are shelters that are meant only for specific breeds. So, if you are in search for either a Doberman or a Pomeranian, you will be able to find it.

5. The other benefits for you

When you adopt a fully grown, adult dog from a shelter, you are saving yourself a great deal of trouble and effort. If you get your own pup, you have to take care of its teething troubles and make cleaning efforts. You have to train the pup to do the toilet and have also to deal with housebreaking and other mischief of the little one. You have to ensure that it gets its shots and is spayed or neutered.

All these problems can be avoided by simply fetching an adult dog from the shelter. Also, these dogs in the shelter usually are house trained and kennel trained. They are obedient and have a set of commands that you can readily use for them. Getting an adult dog also gives you an idea of the dog’s size. This in turn ensures that all the dog accessories can be purchased once and for all. You can also understand the personality of the dog at the shelter for it has completely developed.

6. Society benefits from your decision

There is always the problem of over-population of unwanted dogs. That is the main reason why people have established so many dog shelters. It would definitely be a step towards reducing the population of unwanted dogs by adopting one yourself.

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