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Some fascinating cat facts

cat facts

Every year, Americans spend four billion dollars for cat food which is one billion dollars more than they usually spend on baby food!

Seeing this, I’ll straight away go to the facts. It’s a long list; I’ll share only a few interesting ones:

● Cats are the laziest mammals. They sleep more than 16 hours a day and spend 30% of the rest in taking care of themselves.
● Cats’ eyes make use of even the light reflected by retina, embellishing their night vision.
● The pattern on a cat’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint.
● Cat’s heart beats twice as fast as human ones.
● Domestic cats keep their tails vertical whereas wild cats walk with their tails horizontal or between legs.
● Cats meow only to converse with humans.
● A cat may give birth to over 100 kittens within its life.
● Where wild cats live only for three to five years, domestic cats live for 15 years on an average.
● Cats detest the smell of citrus fruits.
● Cats’ sense of smell is 14 times stronger than that of humans.

Maria Gousseva shares more cat facts

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