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ViP Dog: Celebrity pet house promises relaxation, comfort

November 14, 2011

Cuccia Vip Dog

Ever thought of giving your dog his own place; his own room, his personal dining area and a personal space? If your answer is yes, then here is a little surprise for your VIP dog. This is kennel, a dog house which is a perfect little place for this loved member of your family.

Cuccia VIP Dog is not another dog kennel but a space you can call a home for your dog. What’s more, it comes in attractive shapes. Let’s know more about this VIP dog house.

The design

The shape of this VIP dog house has been designed keeping in mind the way dogs live and things they like to do. This dog kennel intends to give your dog a private space, a space of his own. So special care has been taken while designing this dog house. The design is compatible with the current modern environment, both internal and external. It matches the modern look, design, and feel of the surroundings.

The size

The dimensions will give you a clear picture of this dog house. This VIP dog house can be assembled in less than 275 cm in length, 210 cm wide, and 70 cm height. This means that your dog gets a pretty comfortable and spacious place. However, as it is a VIP dog house, you’ve got to have a space this large which you can easily dedicate to your dog.

Stand-out features

There are a whole lot of features that make this VIP dog house different from a common kennel. As already cited, the size and design are the major features that make this dog house different from a regular kennel. Besides these, the material used to build it is also quite unique.

It is made of Plexiglas, also known as transparent thermoplastic, which is often used as an alternative to the regular glass. It is shatter-resistant and is also known as acrylic glass. So there is no danger of breakage and plus, it provides a great look to this dog house.It is also environment friendly in the sense that it offers better recycling of air. It is perforated both laterally and centrally and this is what helps in recycling of air in a better manner.

It has different areas for your dog to sleep and eat. The sleeping area is walled while the eating area is separate.

Other comfy features

It’s size and dimensions make it a very comfortable house for a medium-sized dog. Your pet will not feel inhibited in this dog house and will have ample space to move around. For added luxury, this VIP dog house also has mats made of soft poly-mat 10mm. These mats add to the comfort provided by this dog house. The eating area has compartments for bowls which have been made in spruce wood.

The color scheme and the shape is ecofriendly and reflects the environment. This VIP dog house is all you need to make your dog feel like a VIP. It does cost a lot but it is worth all the money you shell out for it. Bring one home and give your dog not just a kennel but a sweet corner of his own.

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