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Tattooed pets make ink lovin’ folks look bad

November 22, 2012

Tattoos may quite not be as taboo today as it was a couple of decades ago though most high browed people still consider them to be uncouth. And if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like tattoos on people, you’re going to be very offended by these pets that have been inked by their owners.
1. Tattooed Pigs

Tattooed Pigs
With their pale pink, almost hair free skin, pigs are a prime target for tattoo crazy pet owners. Most people would consider having a farm animal tattooed to be a violation of animal rights in the most grotesque way with definite health risks should the animal ever be slaughtered for food, but for some folks a tattooed pig is all it takes to get their self esteem up!

2. Tattooed Cats

Tattooed Cats

As freaky as hairless cats are on their own, some folks found a novel way to make them even freakier and got them inked. We really don’t know whether the felines actually think much of their new tattoos but we sure can tell that they certainly make them much more fierce looking for sure.

3. Tattooed Dogs

Tattooed Dogs

The National Dog Registry actually advises people to have their dogs tattooed on their ear flaps to make them easier to identify in case they go missing but a lot of people don’t really stop at that.

4. Tattooed Rat

Tattooed Rat

Rats don’t run away from home as often as cats and dogs do which is why getting your pet rat inked makes even less sense!

5. Tattooed Chicken

Tattooed Chicken

If a tattooed pig offended your sensibilities, wait till you see this tattooed chicken. What makes this instance of pet tattooing even more ghastly is the fact that the chicken died in the process and was even given piercings to go with the tattoo!

Via: Shine

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