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Tiered Cat Feeding Station lets your cat eat at ease

November 24, 2011

Tiered Cat Feeding Station

Do you own a dog and a cat? If yes, then there is no need to explain how difficult it is to keep the dog out of cat’s food. The solution for you and your pet is here – the Tiered Cat Feeding Station that lets your cat eat peacefully in a private and secured chamber. It gives freedom to your cat to eat anytime without getting disturbed by unwanted visitors, especially your dog or any other large pet.

The unique enclosed feeding platform is made for easy climbing and features a raised feeder with two stainless steel bowls. The cat can easily climb in front of the bowls to eat its meal. You can even put the cat inside the chamber for some time, if you do not want any disturbance while working. It has a hinged opening for easy and safe access while sides of the chamber are slated for ventilation. Once you close the lid, it remains shut and secure. You can even use it like a table while it is not in use. If you look at the size, it is 18″ sq. x 27″H.

If we look at the positive part of the feeding station, it is lightweight, easy to assemble and use. It is made of solid wood with beautiful finish, which makes it elegant enough to put it in your room. It could have been bigger, because it suits only small cats while big cat remains cramped. Apart from that, the chamber needs latch for the top lid, so that bigger and powerful dogs cannot remove it. The cat feeding station is currently available at a price tag of $149.99. You can buy the feeding station from Amazon and ebay.

If you are facing problems while feeding your pets because the dog is more interested in cat’s food, then this is the time to finish it forever. Help your dear pet eat its food with full peace and comfort. Do not think that you are only helping out your cat in eating its food; you are also making your dog to eat its own meal comfortably. You know dogs; they need proper care and concern just like human. If your pets will eat properly, they will remain healthy and will not carry any disease.

Do you think the chamber can solve your problem? Please share your views with us. If you are already using it then share your experience.

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