Pet Care

Tips to keep your pet healthy and clean

April 14, 2012

Just acquiring a pet to fill up the empty space of a reliable companion is not enough to fulfill your duties as a pet owner. Pet care is as important and inevitable as baby care and should not be neglected at any cost. As a responsible pet owner, it is your whole and sole duty to take every possible step in order to ensure your pet’s safety and cleanliness so as to keep it healthy, happy and provide it with a longer life.

Brushing Your Pets

Cleanliness tips

An externally clean body can only ensure an internally disease-free and healthy body of a pet. This involves cleaning and taking care of each and every external organ of your companion. The following cleanliness tips should be followed stringently so as to ensure a clean and healthy pet life.

1. To begin with, make sure to brush your pet’s teeth at least thrice a week by using a short-lasting anesthetic which can allow the gum-line to probe, remove the tartar and even polish its teeth. This will prevent germ build up in the mouth and even keep your pet away from dispensing bad odor or bad breath.

2. The fur of your pet should be brushed regularly so as to ensure removal of any dead hair and skin from the body surface. Brushing the coat assists in spreading the natural oils present in them and is very essential to refrain from developing bad odor as well. The frequency of brushing depends on the length and density of the fur. Where long furry locks require combing every second day, short hair pets can be brushed once a week.

3. Ears of pets are considered most prone to infections which can lead to spread of various diseases within their body. To keep your pet away from illness you should make sure to keep its ears absolutely clean. This can be done by frequently picking up its ear flaps and examining the interiors which should appear pink in color to depict a healthy and clean sign.

4. Bathing the pet is an ordeal for the pet owner as well as the pet itself. But, no matter how scary it might be for your little friend, it is a very important part of its cleanliness regime. You should give a bath, using soap and shampoo, to your pet at least once in 15 days so as to wash away any germs and dirt accumulated on its body or in the fur. Also make sure to trim its nails before or after the bath as a part of its fortnightly routine or else he would start developing foot problems.

5. Another very sensitive part of the pet’s body is its eyes. A regular examination of the eyes of your pet is a must which should not be ignored at any cost. Also, before bathing it, do not forget to put a protective shield by applying a sterile ophthalmic ointment or drop so that no damage is caused to its cornea.

Safety tips

The safety of your pet is equally important as keeping it clean. The following points should be followed to ensure your pet’s safety both inside as well as outside the premises of your house.

1. Providing a safe environment for the pet is the first and foremost duty of a pet owner. By pet proofing your house, you can keep serious pet accidents at bay. Several potential dangers like poisons stored within the home should be kept at an unreachable place or should be disposed off if not required. Some house plants, pesticides and medicines which can prove fatal for the pet should be avoided or kept behind closed bars so that the pet in no way gets near to them.

2. A regular health-check up is mandatory to keep your pet’s health in good condition. This includes a regular physical exercise program and taking your pet to a veterinarian from time to time to get a comprehensive examination done, which includes a laboratory analysis, dental check-up and heart examination as well, apart from getting the routine vaccinations.

3. While meeting the healthy daily dietary needs of your pet, make sure to know about foods which can cause harm to it. Some food items like chocolates contain toxic substance like theobromine which can prove deadly for your pet. Also, the cute little attractive green pool of anti-freeze on the driveway of your house can be poisonous if licked even in small quantities. Remember, the right kind of food and a healthy lifestyle full of physical activities can ensure quality life of your pet which, if taken proper care, can last over and above its normal life-cycle.

4. While travelling with your pet make sure to get all his vaccinations done in advance and carry all the required documents along. Also, if the pet is on some medications, carry the full stock which can last through the entire length of the trip. Also, when you plan to move from a cold climate to a warm one, get your pet examined for hear-worm disease before giving it any medicines for the same.

5. While transferring an injured pet, place it on a stretcher comprising a blanket and a vinyl mat so that it immobilizes the pet and avoids any further stress which can be caused in the process of transporting it from one place to the other.

To conclude, it seems inevitable to mention that a safe surrounding, optimum quality diet, a proper exercise program and adequate veterinarian care can ensure a disease-free, healthy and longer life span for the wellness of your pet.

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