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Water resistant, ultra durable LED dog leash

November 25, 2011

Red Optical Fiber LED Dog Leash

The LED dog leash that you see above helps in making visibility easy. It is visible from at least 100 m away. The light-up dog leash includes 3 modes, which are fast flashing, constantly on and slow flashing which make your dog safe most of the time. The best part of this product is that you can easily find your lost dog at night. It also somehow helps bikers, cars and drivers and other people know where you are currently present, and thus accidents can be avoided in the dark. The product is waterproof which makes it more useful especially during rainy season.

As compared to other light up dog leashes, this dog leash comes with LED optical fiber light materials. It helps in making a visibility clear during nighttime as well. It is currently popular in the market and is used for long term durability. The product is made of great quality of nylon weave, which helps in holding the biggest or heavy dog. Even if your dog chews the product, it won’t be damaged nor will the optical fiber light get affected. You can get this product anywhere in the market. Different companies at affordable prices manufacture it.


1. Dog collar with LED light – easily locate your dog at night

2. Flash or glow modes

3. Leash is 120cm long

4. Great resale item and gift to dog lovers

5. Flexible light-up polymer core surrounded by strong nylon webbing

6. Weather resistant

7. Safe and comfortable dog collar

8. Ergo-comfort design – one size fits all

9. Lightweight, tough, weather resistant

10. Highly visible at night, easily locate your pet

LED dog leash is flexible and is designed for dog of all sizes. In this product, there is steel d ring, which is big enough for all leashes and strap adjustments that take hardly some seconds to be released. Other than this, dog collar is made from the high quality materials that offer good service for long term. As it is a water resistant product, you can use it in any season. You also get an illuminating core in the center.

You can let your dog wear this color at night and day time just like a normal collar. This makes your dog highly visible at night time. You can see this collar from all angles and is best to be used in rural areas. At other places like parks, hiking, outdoor events, camping, jogging and even normal walks at night, the product is nest to use. It offer comfort to your pet and helps you to keep an eye on him.

Other than this, the dog collar comes in different color and you can get the one, which you or your dog likes. It is water resistant and is light in weight. It does not occupy any space and is of great help to you and your pet. The durable nylon polymer webbing with a flexible core in the center makes this product worth buying. It can locate your pet easily and protect him from accident as well.

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