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Unique cat condo trees for that special feline in your life

December 8, 2011

Sometimes your favorite feline pet might just need the perfect place to sleep. Gifting your pet a Cat Condo tree might just be the perfect idea! The tree house is the perfect place for your lovely pet to sleep and doesn’t take much space too! Here are a list of seven condo tree houses which might just work wonders for your pet!

Cat Condo Tree

1. Cat Tree House

Cat Tree House

This cat tree house was produced and handcrafted by one highly skilled American craftsman in the United States. The handmade creation uses wood, cedar, carpet and synthetic silk leaves and ensures that your cat moves and jumps around freely without any fear! Your feline will have a lovely time exploring and sleeping in this tree house for sure!

2. Go Pet Club Cat tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This cat tree is a wonderful bed furniture for your feline pet and is extremely durable too. It has a hanging ball and a scratch post covered with natural sisal rope which would keep your feline engaged for days and perhaps even months! This would surely be your feline’s favorite, any day any time!

3. Mushroom Tree with Tub

Mushroom Tree with Tub

This is one cat tree your feline can really cozy up in! The 16 diameter sleep tub has room for not one but two felines and the mushroom tree consists of a solid wooden center post which has braced shelves! Your feline friend would really have one heck of a life with this one!

4. Karlie Scratching Tree and Sleeping AreaKarlie Scratching Tree

This scratching tree will not only cater to the scratching needs of your pet but also be a great source of past time! Your cat can just climb and play and even rest or hide away! Built up in three levels, your feline friend can climb up each of the levels and explore each one individually.

5. Cat Tree condo house

Cat Tree Condo House

This tree house is easy to assemble and comes in blue color. There are 15 levels and the board itself is made from plywood. For the set up, there is a step by step instruction included and even the posts are covered by natural sisal rope. Faux fur acts as the covering material. The cats are sure to use the scratching posts and have loads of fun!
6. Katimanjaro Cat Condos


This is one of those cat trees which is really huge! Unless you have some amount of space in your home, you might not be comfortable with this one. Nonetheless, the bigger the size, more the fun and your feline friend might miss out on the ultimate gift if you do not buy him this! Standing at over 7 feet tall and designed to be durable, your feline pets can climb all the levels inside in a pretty easy way with the help of the platforms. The cat tree may cater even to a feline family and roomy Condos inside the tree are one your cats would just love!

7. Bungalow Cat Tree Condo Pet Furniture

Bungalow Cat Tree
This Cat Tree Condo has a color Swiss Cream Finish and is one elegant Tree House! For the entry there is a 24″ x 24″ gate which is covered in elegant Faux sheepskin. Then there is the Main Residence on the 3rd level which has spacious and magnificent quarters for your feline friends to live in! There are also lofts where the cats can just relax and spend their time. Most importantly, the tree house has a scratch proof plus finish so no matter how many scratches your feline friends makes to the Tree House you will never have any reason to worry!

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