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WithMe Bone: Innovation to comfort autistic dogs

November 14, 2011

With me Bone

Autism is a disease that comes from a disorder in neural development. A dog is sometimes seen to be beneficial to a human being who has autism. But, it is seen that a dog can be autistic too. Though this is very uncommon, still scientists think that autism may occur in dogs due to lack of mirroring neurons in the brain. Shanghai, China based artist and designer Yunfan Tan has invented a thing that will give some comfort to such autistic dogs when their owners will be out of home. The thing is in the shape of a bone, which is called WithMe Bone.

Autism in dogs can be a real problem to the owners. There are certain symptoms for such autism. Though, these symptoms are very subtle and difficult to recognize, still scientists are saying that if the dog shows lack of activity like a normal dog or if it has dysfunctional interaction with other dogs or with the owner, then it is time for the owner to pay some serious attention to the dog.

Mr. Tan has two dogs. He says that whenever he went out of home for sometime, not with his dogs for some reason, the dogs start to cry for a long time. When Mr. Tan noticed this unusual behavior, he started studying dog behavior and found that autism can occur in dogs too like humans. He tried many things like providing various foods and games to the dogs to overcome this problem. But, found no change in their behavior. At last, he noticed that it is his smell from his socks that gave the dogs some sort of comfort when he was not with them. Being an innovative designer, he then designed this WithMe inorganic bone that can house his socks to comfort the dogs.

The mechanism of this bone is very simple. This is made out of some kind of soft inorganic material that is a perfect substitute for real organic bone. One of its ends could be opened easily like a lid. Then the owner has to put his or her socks into it through this opening. The bone has several very small square shaped holes on it, through which the smell comes out and reaches the dog. Thus the dog thinks that his or her owner is with him or her. Right now, the bone is available in two colors. One is in navy blue and the other is in grass or light green.

About the designer

Yunfan Tan is a Shanghai, China based industrial designer who has been designing various lifestyle objects for last one year. He is skilled in illustration, art designing and animation too.

Via: Coroflot

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