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World’s 20 most beautiful frog species

November 4, 2011

Frog species

Frog is one of the most commonly seen animals around us. It is an amphibian that can survive in land as well as water. The most characteristic feature of a frog is that its legs are more suited to aid it in jumping than walking. Moreover, unlike most animals it is devoid of a tail. When it is in tadpole stage, it does have a tail, but that withers away as it matures. While most of the frogs are extremely ugly, there are certain species of frogs too, which are extremely beautiful. Here is a list of twenty such splendid frog species. Have a look at them.

1. Argentine Horned Frog

Argentine Horned Frog

These frogs are found in the shallow waters of the woodlands of South America. The have green color with red or black markings o their body. They have larger body and aggressive nature, but can be kept as per in captivity. They feed on smaller insects, small lizards, etc.

2. African Clawed Frog

African Clawed Frog

This frog is characterized by slippery skin with multicolored, olive gray or brown patches at the back and creamy white color in the inner side of their body. They do not have a tongue or a visible ear. The males even lack vocal cord. They have unwebbed feet in the front legs and webbed feet in the hind legs. They are mostly found in the African Rift Valley.

3. Malagasy Rainbow Frog

Malagasy Rainbow Frog

These frogs have beautifully colored skin and are widely adapted as pets as a result. These frogs have well developed tubercles at the bottom of their hind legs that assist them in burrowing and climbing. They are found in a narrow stretch in the southwestern Madagascar and are critically endangered.

4. Albino Pacman Frog

Albino Pacman Frog

These frogs have a highly aggressive nature and are fully carnivore and survive on prey as big as their own size. They are found in the tropical and the subtropical rainforests of Brazil and Eastern Argentina. They are called PacMan frogs because of the enormous size of their mouth.

5. Magnificent Tree Frog

Magnificent Tree Frog

These frogs are equipped with a large, fluid filled sac on top of their head to keep away predators. But the venom is not harmful for humans. They have olive green body with whitish or yellowish spots and webbed feet and big toe pads that help them to climb trees. They are restricted to the Kimberley region of the northwest Western Australia.

6. Green tree frogs

Green tree frogs

Although green in color, the shade of these frogs vary from light lime to dark olive. They change color to indicate stress, illness, etc. and also as a part of their camouflage. They can be kept in captivity as pets.

7. Common Reed Frog

Common Reed Frog

These frogs are found in countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, etc. in the tropical or subtropical rainforests and moist lands. They change their sex organs from female to male in situation when the population lacks enough males to allow procreation.

8. Chile Darwin’s frog

Chile Darwin's frog

These frogs show great paternal care as their tadpoles grow and mature inside the fluid filled sacs on the throat of the male frogs. Their preferred habitats are temperate forests, river sides and marshy swamps. They are, at present, fighting with the threat of extinction.

9 Vietnamese mossy frog

Vietnamese mossy frog

The uneven bumps and red, green and black mossy structure of their body makes their body act as a great means of camouflage. When they are attacked, they curl up as a ball and act as dead. These frogs have vocal cords.

10. Golden Mantella Frog

Golden Mantella Frog

These are the endangered species found in the Madagascar region. They have golden body and slightly longer body structure in case of females as compared to males. They are sensitive to temperature and prefer cool and moist area. They can be kept as pet.

11. American Green Tree Frog

American Green Tree Frog

These are the common backyard frogs found in Louisiana and Georgia. They have medium sized body with green color, the shade of which varies widely. Males have wrinkled throat and smaller body as compared to females. They are carnivores and live on worms.

12. Red-eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed Tree Frog

These frogs use their glaring red eyes to scare off their predators. They have huge, webbed feet that are orange in color and flanks of bright blue and yellow tone. Their body color is neon green. They are nocturnal hunters and not venomous. They are found in tropical lowlands of Central America, Mexico and South America.

13. Litoria chloris

Litoria chloris

These frogs have bright green body with occasional yellow spots all over. The front portions of their limbs are green and the undersides are yellow or white with bluish purple or bluish black colored thighs. Their eye color has a golden center with red at the borders. They are kept as pets in Australia.

14. Rana Lemur Naranja

Rana Lemur Naranja

These frogs feature a green body with orange color at the inner portions along with vertical black stripes. The ventral part is white or orange. They are found in the tropical rainforests of the Northern part of South America. They are nocturnal and arboreal in nature.

15. Transparent frogs

Transparent frogs

These frogs are found in the coastal rainforests of western Ecuador and they are characterized by their transparent chests. They lay their eggs on trees overlooking the sea. Whenever the eggs hatch and the tadpoles are born, they fall into the water.

16. Oriental Fire Bellied Toads

Oriental Fire Bellied Toads

These frogs are really beautiful to look at, having orangish red, fire colored chest and green back with black spots. They emit toxins from their body to drive away predators. When attacked, they arch their backs and stand on their hind legs to reveal their fire colored belly and threaten predators away. These medium sized frogs are found in southern Japan, China, Korea and southern Russia.

17. Madagascan Mantella

Madagascan Mantella

This species of frog is found in the tropical and subtropical moist lowlands, moist mountains and rivers. It belongs to the family of Mantelldae frog. At present, its habitat is being threatened.

18. Golden Poison Dart Frog

Golden Poison Dart Frog

These frogs are the most poisonous animals on earth and a small frog of the species can kill as many as ten adult people. They feature a bright body color, which can be yellow, orange or pale green and live in community. They are found in the rainforest of the Pacific coast or Columbia. They feed on small insects like flies, mosquitoes, termites, ants, etc.

19. Heterixalus alboguttatus

Heterixalus alboguttatus

These frogs are descendants of the Hyperoliidae family and endemic to Madagascar. They live in a variety of habitats ranging from moist rainforests, topical or subtropical shrublands, freshwater marshes, ponds, irrigation lands, etc.

20. Cruziohyla calcarifer

Cruziohyla calcarifer

These frogs possess dual colored eyes, grey and yellow, but lack protective reticulated membrane, as found in most of the other frogs. Their legs have fringes and extended calcar. They are found in the long stretch of land from Central America to northern part of South America.

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